Brooklyn – Hynes Opponent Claims DA Protecting Pedophiles, Vito Lopez to Get Jewish Votes

Dem Abe George writes to Politicker: I am sure District Attorney Hynes would prefer to wait a year to address the problems in his office, but the people of Brooklyn cannot wait for his inaction. I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life and have been a prosecutor for the last 8 years — I am well aware of the issues. Gun violence is out of control. Brooklyn has led the city in homicides and shootings since 2005, with Bed-Stuy, Brownsville and East New York bearing the brunt of that violence. Mr. Hynes hardly ended political corruption when he convicted the former Brooklyn democratic boss, just to install his own guy, Vito Lopez, who rules with impunity. Mr. Hynes claims he does not run a political office, then how does he explain his protection of pedophiles at the expense of our children only to garner votes?

08/09/2012 2:52 PM by JPUpdates Staff
Tags: Abe George

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