EXCLUSIVE Interview: Malcolm Smith Discusses Path to NYC Mayor 2013 Run

NY Dem State Senator Malcolm Smith spoke exclusively with Gestetner Updates regarding the recent news of his potential NYC Mayoral race in 2013 as a Republican.

“Now I am still focused on my re-election to the State Senate, but clearly I have been having conversations and exploring the possibility of running for Mayor… I indicated that it’s critical to have a candidacy that involves several parties. NY is a place where you gotta be really focused on the right issues. Yes, party is important but what would bring about the right candidate would be someone who has the interest of everybody at heart.”

In terms of his effort to get GOP support, Mr. Smith says he is “obviously an underdog” at the current stage, but “it is going ok. But obviously I have got a lot of work to do in terms of making up my mind about entering the race. I have to use another month or two until I finalize that decision. But if I run I expect to do a good job as Mayor.”

On the question regarding the loads of money that some Dems in the race may have, the former NY Senate Leader says he does not compare himself to others and nor does he count anyone’s money… But what counts most he says is how you can utilize the resource one has in an efficient way; an approach he will bring to City Hall if he runs and wins.

08/09/2012 6:07 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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