The Amazing Thing About the Bain Cancer Ad

Amazing is that the country was informed seven days ago that the Unemployment Rate is at 8.3! It would be at 11% if the workforce was now the same as when Bush left! Income in July grew half the rate it did in July 2008 “when their plan didn’t work” and the UR was 5.8% (or 3.1% if the workforce would be then as it is now)! Car sales in the USA is at a rate slower than 7 1/2 years of Bush! Gas prices are higher than 90 of Bush’s 96 months in office! Gradutes in 2011 were paid 10% less at their first job than what graduates were paid in the “Bush Economy” of 20007! But… damn all this: Instead, we are debating all week whether Bain – a firm with an 80% success rate of keeping firms alive – may have shut down a half a dozen half-dead firms when Romney was or was not there, and if this closing means that someone dying five years later from cancer that came when Romney was Governor, “is a consequence” of Romney’s action. “Not blaming Romney” said Burton yesterday on CNN, but a minute later he says this incident shows that Romney’s actions have consequences.

Clearly, this is purly amazing. Amazingly sick!

08/09/2012 5:34 AM by JPUpdates Staff
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