How Mediaite Twists Politifact’s Stats to Make Romney Look a Liar; Obama Honest

Here is a classic of spinning facts. Tommy Christopher of Mediaite writes that Mitt Romney is “58% more likely to lie than President Obama.” How does Christopher get to it?  “According to Politifact’s rating system, Mitt Romney’s statements have been judged Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire 46% of the time, versus only 29% for President Obama. In the Pants on Fire category alone, Romney is more than four times as likely to suffer trouser immolation than the President.”

In order to get the intended headline that he was looking for, Christopher is focusing what percent each of those ruling are among all of Obama and Mitt Romney’s rulings. But in factual numbers:

1)   Obama has 58 cases of fully false statements to Romney’s 27

2)   Obama has 47 mostly false rulings to Romney’s 24.

3)   Obama has 99 half true’s to Romney’s 43.

4)   Obama has 6 pants on fire; Romney has 14.

So… Obama gives totally false statements twice the amount as Romney; and mostly false lines almost double as Romney. Indeed, Obama gave 91 true statements to Romney’s only 24. But counting as two separate True statements by Obama is “Romney had millions in the Cayman Islands” and “had millions in a Swiss bank account”

It’s a good things Romney didn’t have an account in a third country; it would have upped Obama’s rank in truthfulness…

Another “True” statement by Obama is that the Debt Ceiling was raised 18 times under Reagan which is to say that Republicans should stop kvetching about the Ceiling being raised twice under Obama. But of course, Obama does not tell you that Congress gave Reagan only $100 billion per raise; while he Obama was asking for TWO TRILLION!!! In other words: Reagan’s 18 rises should back-up the GOP’s opposition to a $2T hike. But Obama turns it on its head and it’s rated as true!

08/10/2012 3:59 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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