Super Jewish: State Senator Storobin Will Stay on GOP Line

Democrat Simcha Felder ran a strong effort to discredit the petitions that State Senator David Storobin’s team collected for the Super Jewish State Senate seat in Brooklyn, NY. But after removing almost 1/3 of Storobin’s 2,054 signatures and after trying to dismiss a few hundred more via the Court, Storobin will after all be on the GOP line.

Going forward, Mr. Felder will face off in a month from now in a Democratic Primary against Avraham Tischler; the older brother of Moshe Tischler who is running against Assemblyman Dov Hikind to the Assembly. If Felder wins the State Senate Primary, he goes ahead to November facing off against Storobin who will be on the GOP line and likely also on the “Community First” Line.

08/13/2012 3:32 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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