Hikind Organizing a “Shabbos Action” in 1,000 Shuls on Behalf of Ostreicher

On September 1st(14 Elul), Shabbos Ki Teitzei,hundreds of thousands of Jews across America are expected to join in prayer and follow-up with calls and letters to elected officials. “Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have spoken out for Jacob and two Congressional hearings have addressed the violation of his human rights, but Jacob seems no closer to coming home than he did a year ago,” said Assemblyman Hikind[‘s staff in his name]. “Now matters have worsened as Jacob, who has been on a hunger strike for months, was recently hospitalized in Bolivia. When he arrived at the hospital, he was too weak to stand on his own two feet.” – Hikind Blog Post

08/14/2012 5:03 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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