CNN Host O’Brien Defends GOP Budgets

CNN host Soledad O’brien was in disbelief when John Sunune told her Tuesday that Obamacare is cutting $716 billion from Medicare over the next ten years. After the show, she went looking at the CBO report. And guess what the report said (as she convaid today on her show)? If Obamcare was repealed, we will spend $716 billion more on Medicare over the next ten years. In other words, if Obamacare stays in place we will NOT spend those $716.

O’brien argues that even if Obamacare stays in place, we will spend in ten years from now way more on Medicare than what we spend now, which means Obamacare is only cutting the expected rate of growth. Well, 1) It’s still a cut. Indeed, only in the rate of growth, but it’s still a CUT. 2) Newt and the boys in the 1990’s also only reduced the rate of growth in major social programs: We spent in 2000 on all programs more than what we spent in 1994, yet Dems until today run around saying that the GOP is cutting programs from the poor.

But, in a desperate effort to defend Obama’s blind cut in Medicare, O’brein is basically conceding that the “anti-poor” GOP actually never cut programs from the poor. Good!

BTW, The WashPost argues that to $716 billion cut claim is indeed accurate!

08/15/2012 2:41 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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