The WSJ Columnist Who is Still Clueless About Palin’s Russia Comments

Bret Stephens from the WSJ was on a radio show Thursday Night talking about Paul Ryan’s foreign policy credentials. He said Ryan is better than Palin who said she can see Russia from her house.

What makes me SICK with this narrative four years later is that it was ABC Journalist Charlie Gibson, not Palin, who brought up the proximity of Russia as a reason to start and talk about FP issues! Here is the quote:

Gibson:  “Let’s start, because we are near Russia, let’s start with Russia and Georgia.”

Palin went ahead and gave very detailed information of current Events about those two countries, but ABC edited out. After the narrative went out that Palin is fool for saying she has FP experience because of Russia despite the fact that it was CG who made this argument, CBS asked Palin what Russia’s proximity has with FP.  To illustrate to us in the Lower 48 who have NO CLUE that AK is the HQ for our nuclear defenses against Russia due to proximity, Palin said Russia is indeed so close that in fact you can see it from an Alaskan Island, and we the US share a maritime path with Russia.

What’s so “stupid” with this answer? Again, she didn’t say her house. She didn’t throw out Russia’s promixty as an argument; she only reacted to a

You would think that some one writing for the Wall Street Journal knows more facts and history amount what did or didn’t happen four years ago going onto radio program maing “smart” arguments as to why Ryan is or is not good on FP.


08/17/2012 1:39 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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