Opinion: Only U.S. Can Peacefully End Iranian Nukes

Noah Beck Writes at the American Thinker: Israel’s  deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon recently declared that the (nearly decade-long) diplomatic efforts  to stop Iran’s nuclear program have failed.  Last Friday, Iranian President  Ahmadinejad called Israel a “tumor” that will soon be destroyed — the latest of  many bellicose statements underscoring the seriousness of the Iranian  threat.  There is little time left to avoid another Middle East conflict  that could spin disastrously out of control, leave many dead, and send oil  prices skyrocketing.  But the U.S. can still resolve this explosive crisis  by using much bigger carrots and sticks to convince Iran to change course before  it’s too late.

Only  a truly credible threat of overwhelming force against Iran will peacefully  prevent a potential doomsday scenario from becoming reality, and only the U.S.  can deliver such a threat.  Paradoxically, if Iran believes that the U.S.  is about to launch a massive attack, it will back down, and no force will be  needed.  But if Iran doubts American resolve, it will continue to develop  an independent nuclear capability and could even purchase nuclear weapons from  Pakistan, making it impossible for any power to stop Iran from becoming another  nuclear proliferator.  The Iranian regime must understand that it faces  devastating consequences if it attempts — by any means — to acquire nuclear  weapons.

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08/19/2012 2:42 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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