In Repeat of 2008 Tactic, Campaign Launches “Rabbis for Obama”

Back in September 2008, “More than 300 rabbis from across the country and across the denominations are publicly backing Barack Obama for president,” reported the JTA back then. And today  “the Obama campaign announced that a coalition of Jewish religious leaders has been created “to engage and mobilize grassroots supporters” in the state, reports the Herald Tribune.

The Tribune writes that: The Florida group is part of a national coalition of  more than 613 rabbis _ which the Obama campaign says is double the number of rabbis that the Democratic candidate had his 2008 election. The campaign said the group represents “all Jewish denominations” and recognizes the fact that Obama “has been and will continue to be an advocate and ally on issues important to the American Jewish community.”

08/21/2012 2:16 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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