Opinion: Dem Jews are Sweating and it Shows

Abby Shachter writes in the NYP (here is some of it): It isn’t surprising, to read Harris’ piece  from Politico arguing that Republicans have a Jewish problem. But viewed  carefully, it becomes clear that Harris is concerned about the Jewish vote  and that he has few shreds of evidence to suggest that Obama is going  to get anywhere near the 78 percent of Jewish votes he got last time.

First and foremost, Harris can’t touch the topic of Israel because there’s no  where to critique the GOP for its stance toward Israel as even  the Obama administration has ceded Israel to the GOP. Just look at the  new 2012 Rabbis for Obama list, which doesn’t even list Israel as a reason these  Jews are Obama fans.

The best Harris can do is complain about the the skinny-dipping  congressmen in the Kinneret story, which may not even be known to most Jews let  alone worrying them as regards their vote three months from now.

Next, Harris is grasping at a fantasy when he faults Romney for his Medicare  stance. After all, if Medicare were the drag on Romney support among Jews that  Harris makes it out to be, how do you explain that Romney enjoys 65 percent  support among seniors in Florida (many of whom are Jewish)?

Finally, Harris invokes Senatorial candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on  abortion as evidence that the GOP is out of step with Jews. Here, Harris has a  point. Jews by and large do support choice and want abortion to be legal. But as  even Harris has to admit, Romney and runningmate Paul Ryan have denounced Akin’s  formulation and demanded that he get out of the Missouri race. And more  importantly abortion just isn’t the biggest issue for Jewish voters this  year.

Those Jews for whom social issues such as abortion are paramount, weren’t  going to vote for the Republican anyways. After all, the GOP has been and  remains a pro-life party. Nothing changed this year in terms of the GOP platform  and Romney remains on record as being more liberal about abortion than the party  platform.

08/26/2012 3:42 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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