Twenty Reasons (and Counting) Why Jews Should Vote Against Obama

When I do my anti-Obama tirades on Twitter, some Jewish Democrats sum up to me why President Obama deserves re-election: GM is alive; OBL is dead; we gained 4.5M jobs in the past 28 months despite losing 750K jobs a month when Obama came in.

On the surface it sounds good, but the truth is more people were employed when Bush left office than are now; the Unemployment Rate (UR) under Obama is higher than anytime under Bush which means current job growth is bad; and despite losing almost 30% of the bailout investment ($25 billion of the $80 billion invested), car sales under Obama are weaker than 90 of Bush’s 96 months in office.

How is this for success? Here are some more facts:

1)    For an average family, it’s now seven times harder to get contraceptives than during the recession! Yes,  here are the numbers: The high-end annual cost of contraceptives is $600. Annual income for average families fell by more than $4,500 since the recovery began. $600 fits into $4,500 more than seven times.

2)    Gas prices are consistently higher under Obama than all but a handful of months of Bush’s time in office.

3)    Median income for American families fell almost twice as much in the Obama Recovery than in the Bush Recession.

4)    The CBO projected days before Obama came into office that the average deficit for FY 2011 and FY2012 will be $381 per year. It’s almost four times larger for each of those years; killing the dollar; hiking gas prices at the pump.

5)    133M people have now jobs. This is less than the 133.5M who were employed when Obama came in, and well below the 137.5M jobs we were suppose to have at the end of 2010 if only we passed Obama’s Stimulus. (Even if Gov would have not cut any jobs, we would still be millions of jobs short of the Stimulus projection)

6)    The Unemployment Rate in the “bad” Bush Era was lower in four of his years than some of the Clinton Years, yet Dems say “We can’t go back to those years.” Indeed, with Obama we can’t.

7)    The average UR in Bush’s first term was actually lower than Clinton’s first term. The UR in Bush’s second term was higher by less than one percent than Clinton’s second term. This is how “bad” things were a mere four years ago!

8)    If we would have counted the UR when Bush left office the way we count it now (a major reduction in the EPR), the rate would have been 5.1% when Bush left; which is lower than the endless 8% plus Obama is giving us.

9)    Home values are now lower than when Bush left office.

10)  Net worth of Americans are lower than when Bush left office.

11)   Income to college grads in recent years is 10% lower than in the later times of the Bush Era. More than half grads don’t even find jobs; and a ¼ of young adults moved back into their parents’ houses in recent years because the economy and prospects for a job and income all stink worse than the previous.

12)    Obamacare has reduced Medicare and Medicaid grants to states. This explains why NY, for example, cut dental and prenatal care for poor, young, and old.

13)    Health Insurers are forced to give more services due to Obamacare. It would have been great if not for them hiking premiums to cover all those “free” benefits.

14)   Due to Obamacare, your ability to buy and cover health cost by deducting the expenses from your income and thus reducing your income tax bill, has been cut in half. Worse, many health items are not eligible anymore for this deduction! (Look at the changes in Health Savings Accounts if you don’t know what I am talking about).

15)   Aside from killing OBL by tools and polices which he opposed as Senator, Obama has nothing to show for on overseas policies:

a)    Iran negotiated now a major business deal between India and afghanistan. No, America was not the mediator. Instead two of our “allies” went to Iran to hammer out a deal.

b)    The US asked recently from Egypt it should intercept an Iranian ship suspected of carrying weapons to Syria. Egypt refused, likely because America is a joke.

c)     Talks between a half a dozen countries and Iran over its nuclear program broke down last Friday. I remember when Gaddafi was cowering in his boots in 2003 to give up his program. How far we have come…

d)    35 heads of states; reps from ninety other countries in addition to the U.N. Chief are all this week in Iran for the NAM summit. Iran is being treated like a reasonable partner for peace on the diplomatic stage.

e)    While the NAM summit goes on, American can’t get Russia and China to back-off from brazenly backing the Assad Regime at the UN.

f)      The airplane of America’s top general was hit last week by the foolish Taliban. One can only imagine what shock the world would have been if the plane was hit 30 minutes earlier or later with the top general on board the plane or walking on the tarmac next to it.

g)    In 2012 (as in all Obama years) we lost more troops in Afghanistan than in most of Bush’s yeaSr. We have nothing to show for it besides for the Taliban shooting at the plane of the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s while Afghan leaders are in Iran!

All this is even before touching the issue of Israel which is the primary election issue to six-seven percent of Jews in the U.S.

08/26/2012 5:30 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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