Hiking NYS Assembly Base Salary from $79K to $100K ‘Under Considiration’

Fred Dicker Reports: State lawmakers, with Gov. Cuomo’s backing, have been expected to return for  a special post-Election Day session to take up several matters, including the  first pay raise in 14 years.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) has strongly backed hiking  lawmakers’ salaries, which now start at $79,500 a year, contending that the  Legislature has taken significant steps to end the corruption and dysfunction  that had become its trademarks over the past decade. A base salary of just over  $100,000 is under consideration.

But the announcement by Huntley (D-Queens) Saturday that she expects to be  indicted, most likely for fraud involving a state-funded local group, Friday’s  finding by Silver that Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Lopez, the Brooklyn  Democratic chairman, was guilty of sexual harassment, and several ongoing probes  involving the alleged use of a state-funded not-for-profit group to provide a  job for the boyfriend of Rivera (D-Bronx) have once again put a dark cloud over  Albany’s image.

08/27/2012 8:40 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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