PHOTO: Welcome to the ‘Hitler’ Store in India

This is a new retail clothing store in India:

  1. Interesting since the swastika was an ancient Hindu symbol for luck until it was stigmatized by Hitler. Also interesting that they use the same typeface you use for the word “updates” in your blog title!

  2. I’m curious if the owners are Islamists promoting their great hero Hitler? Remember, according to them, Hitler 1) didn’t kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust, which never happened, and 2) sadly, for them, he failed to finish the job of the Final Solution, which Islamists are all too eager to complete (hey, logical consistency is NOT their forte).
    Great marketing concept, though — the NAZIs definitely had the snappiest uniforms! Those red, white, and black swastikas (not to mention screaming eagles and death’s heads) really made their black and grey uniforms the shizzola! /s So can we look forward to clothes emblazoned with NAZI symbols at the coming fashion shows? Even the brilliant Mel Brooks couldn’t have conceived something as bat guano crazy as this.

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