Gropez Case Needs a Special Prosecutor, Says DA Hynes

NYP Reports: In his bombshell request, District Attorney Charles Hynes the appointment of  a special prosecutor was warranted to investigate possible crimes that otherwise  would be probed by Hynes’ own political connections to Lopez’s political  stature.

Lopez, like Hynes, is an elected Democratic official, and Lopez long has  served as boss of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, a post he now says he will not  seek to continue in because of the ongoing scandal.

Lopez, 71, has been accused of harassing four female staffers. Two of them in  June received a total $135,080 settlement from the state Assemblyman. The other  two women’s complaints last month led to his censure a week ago. Lopez denies the claims.

08/31/2012 1:44 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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