OHSen – Brown, Mandel Offer Sharp Contrast on Economy

Cincinnati.Com Reports: Ask Ohio voters what this election is about, and the answer could not be more clear: the economy.

Ask Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and Republican state Treasurer Josh Mandel about the best way to spur job creation and jump-start economic growth, and their answers could not be more different.

Brown is an old-school populist and self-styled defender of the little guy. He says the path to economic prosperity is cracking down on unfair trade practices by China, passing a five-year farm bill that would help struggling livestock producers and corn growers and investing in American infrastructure.

Spending federal dollars on roads, sewer systems and schools, Brown said, “would put people to work directly and set a foundation for a more prosperous, efficient economy.”

Mandel is a tea party-backed conservative who has hewed carefully to the GOP line. He says the smartest way to rev up the economy is to unravel federal regulations that hurt American businesses, lower taxes for individuals and businesses and “aggressively and responsibly” drill for oil and gas.

Mandel said that “blue collar” workers across the state have complained to him about “over regulation in Washington being a job killer for our state.”

09/02/2012 12:43 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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