An Open Letter to the Fools in the GOP

Yes GOP’ers. I know Media Bias works against you and may cost you elections too, but If you want to win elections, stop being nice; stop beating your selves in public, and stop throwing your own overboard.

Dems proudly stood behind racism in their party such as from Harry Reid (Obama’s Nigro Dialect), Joe Biden (Clean and Articulate), Bill Clinton (Obama Won SC Because of Blacks). Dems stand behind all their radical members, yet GOPers run to trash any member that gets hit from Media/Dems and somehow the whole party is at fault because a Todd Akin made it to the top.

Dems waited just a few hours before calling Bush all names following Katrina, yet despite the FEMA mess following Sandy (and it was a mess!), Republicans – from Chris Christie to Peter King to Eric Cantor – slobbered all over themselves days before an election to praise “a President in time of crisis,” just to be nice.


When it comes to issues, the GOP does not stop killing itself too: Dems keep yelling Bush Tax Cuts for The Rich ($70 billion a year) is at fault for our trillion dollar deficits in each of the last four years. How do Republicans campaign? They say, “Both sides are at fault.” What happens? Many people blame the GOP for the massive deficits or simply think taxing the rich will solve the problem. But Before Reid, Pelosi and Obama took over the House and Senate in in 2007 we were at $200 billion a year in deficits despite wars, tax cuts and the “bad” Bush economy. If Bush would have hiked spending on the poor and needy and on education and infrastructure as slow as Clinton did, he too would have had surpluses! Did ONE speaker at the GOP convention make this point? No, they spoke about their mothers when they came from Cuba or Sicily as if that somehow makes people vote for the GOP. Did ONE Republican ad say that Clinton had surpluses on the backs of the poor? No! Did one Republican say that Bush was actually more caring on the domestic front than Clinton? No!

“Both Side are at fault.”


Another Issue: Democrats are now saying that GOP opposition to Susan Rice is rooted in sexism and hate for Blacks. Did ONE Republican make this argument against the Dems when the Democrats hit Condi Rice in 2005? Did one Republican ask in recent days if Dems were racist for opposing Rice in 2005? No and hell no! Republicans thought back then that Dems have merit to oppose Rice, and Republicans are now running away from McCain on this issue. Well, Republicans have merit to oppose Susan Rice due to Benghazi and her worthless record at the UN, but this does not stop Dems from playing hardball against the GOP.

I am not done:

Leading Dems (including Obama in his book) claimed that the OH 2004 vote was filled with fraud and or questionable votes. Others on the Left proudly held up the European papers who claimed 59M Americans are stupid for voting for Bush. Howard Dean pre-empted the 2012 elections by claiming fraud in Ohio, while Libs talkers called Americans racist for opposing Obama’s Economy which in many ways is worse than when he won the election largely due to a bad economy. Kerry in his first interview after losing the election said he ran a good campaign (imagine Romney said it) but he said he lost only due the Osama Bin Laden tape. Dems say whatever they want before and after elections, but Mitt Romney can’t say what many minority voters will brazenly admit to you: “We vote for the Democrats because they give us handouts.” I live among Blacks, Hispanics and I am a Hasidic Jew. I know what people say! I hear it with my own ears, Mr. Jindal.

Sure Obama got White Votes, a class less dependent on Government. Both parties have starting points. Romney’s point was that gifts targeted for specific communities, pushed Obama over the top. My friend works at a place with a Hispanic voter who begged him before the election “Vote for Obama because they are saying on Spanish TV that Obama will give Green Cards.”

But Lindsey Graham knows better.

No, Reagan 1986 Amnesty was not a “gift” in an executive order four months before an election. It was part of an overhaul of immigration.

Come talk to minorities who will be honest with you, they will agree that issues, policy and the reality of the economy on the ground is not their concern for one minute. It’s all about which party is perceived to hand out more and give specific gifts. Bush handed out more (for everyone; not specific groups), yet never took credit for it. Fellow Republicans blamed him for the deficits it caused, while Dems decried his budget as being anti-poor. So he and the GOP lost out on both ends. Clinton however restrained domestic spending and blamed Republicans for it at the time (so it hurt the GOP brand), but now he and all Democrats take credit for the surpluses it spurred (which gives Dems credence when talking about this issue). Who is to blame for this PR disaster?

The fools running the GOP!

11/19/2012 10:15 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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