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Yossi GestetnerIf you read or watch press/media reports and editorials regarding the Orthodox Jewish Community, you go away with the sense that their leaders are massive crooks and their followers are of the worse kind. The NY Post editorializes Saturday that the four arrested for taking photos in court (including one against whom charges were dropped and another who is a friend of the victim’s husband) “were the Satmar, an ultra-Orthodox sect whose members often behave as though they have special rights, as though the laws of New York don’t apply to them.”

Well, the Orthodox Jewish Community in Brooklyn is approximately ten percent of the Borough’s 2.5M people. However, they do not represent even one percent of major crimes. Detractors will claim ‘you guys are not in the crime book because you hide your crimes; you deal with it on your own.’ Em, Murder, Robberies, Felony Assaults, largely take place in public and I doubt we Hasidim have a tool to “hide” those public crimes.

 Here are the crimes and the amount of them that took place in Brooklyn South and in Brooklyn North this year through the last weekend:

  • 135 murders; none of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
  • 6,390 Robberies; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
  • 5,905 Burglaries; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
  • 10,302 Grand Larcenies; non-to-few of them committed by Orthodox Jews.
  • A huge portion of the “Satmars” are located in the 90th precinct in Brooklyn, none of the 8 murders this year in the precinct, and few of the other 3,105 major or small crimes were committed by them.

The question now begs: If when it comes to all sorts of crimes, the Orthodox Jewish Community in general and Hasidim specifically do not represent even 1/10 of their percent of the population, why suggest that when it comes to abuses, they are worse than or as bad as any other group in NYC? Why would people who are law-abiding in all type of crimes, suddenly be worse than anyone else when it comes to abuse? Why do we deserve this hateful coverage?

Do I deny that the community has issues? No, I don’t deny it, but there is a huge space between “having issues” vs. being the scum of the earth. Besides, in main street America, only 12 out of 100 accused of sexual abuse are arrested; only 5 out of 100 are found guilty; and only 3 out of 100 land up in prison. I have yet to see evidence that the numbers are worse among Hasidim, and I have yet to see any report mentioning these stats when talking about the “under reporting of sexual abuses” in the Hasidic Community.

The Low Arresting Rate of Abuses in Main Strem America; a Fact That Few Editors in the NY Press/Media See Fit to Mention When Bashing Hasidim (Source: RAINN.Org)

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12/01/2012 10:04 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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