In ‘Ami’ Interview, Lead Weberman Attorney Speaks Freely About Bloggers and DA

Yossi GestetnerAmi Magazine does it again. Two weeks after DA Hynes gave Ami an exclusive and explosive interview, George Farkas, the lead attorney for Nechemya Weberman spoke to Ami in his first media interview post conviction. Here is some of what he had to say:

I firmly believed when the case started, as I believe now Nechemya Weberman is innocent. Nothing that happened during the trial convinced me otherwise. In 40 years or so of doing this I’ve been saddled with an innocent client maybe three or four times, and I’ve represented a lot of people. The pressure on a lawyer who represents an innocent guy is tremendous, because he feels for the soul of the person. A guilty guy deserves representation just as much. But if I know the guy really did it, and I can’t convince the jury of a reasonable doubt, I can sleep at night.

I got to know Nechemya. I got to know his family. I saw what happened. I have a number of reasons why I doubted that he did this. Specifically, he never fit the pattern of a child abuser or monster. The entire case began on the say-so of one person, and it ended on the say-so of one person. There wasn’t one shred of physical evidence. All there was, was her testimony. There are others from the same family who came up with other allegations once the case started to germinate that were basically nonsense. It was all rumors and innuendo.

Who spread these rumors and innuendos? Bloggers. In a case of such importance, my feeling is that if you want to tell your story, come forward and tell it in court! If you’re too afraid, don’t tell it to bloggers. I do know that there were allegations made by certain people that we would be ready to defend a moment’s notice. If you’re talking about a guy who’s been doing this to his therapy patients for who knows how long, I would expect an army of victims to come forward, as happened with other cases. It’s a pattern. I’d expect to see something physical, something on his computer, some proof that he’s a monster, and it’s not there.

This was bigger than Weberman. The way [DA Hynes presented] the case, the entire community was put on trial.

Listen, the idea that a Chasidic Jew has the same shot with a jury as anyone else is not true. That’s not sour grapes. That’s just a fact of life. If an average defendant starts out with a presumption of innocence, it’s like a one run lead. A Chasidic Jew is two runs behind even before starting the game. There are preconceptions. There are stories told in a way that make Chasidic Jews look bad, like the story about the separate buses.”

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  1. Bla bla bla

  2. Weberman is not guilty it was a trap

  3. Eliyahu Bornstein

    People also thought Lanner and Sandusky were nice guys. Knowing a defendant is no proof.

  4. A fan from him

    I’m with u this is the true he is not guilty @ all ….

    • Dumb BY Grad

      This is just a defense for doing a lousy job. Everyone knows that you
      don’t put the defendant on trial. Perhaps Weberman’s conceit took him
      down; did he insist on taking the stand? He was proved to be a liar and
      so was the principle, so a patten of lying was demonstrated. Farkas
      should have briefed his client and witnesses to own up to the truth;
      there is a Vaad and whoever sends to our school must adhere to its
      rules. Weberman could have said that he uses the organization to avoid
      paying taxes…Furthermore, according to the defense witness Weberman
      violated yichud, his entire demeanor of choosing to sit near his
      provocative female lawyer, ignore his wife and claim to be a paragon of
      piety; he removes his glasses in the street so that he should not G-d
      forbid see an improperly dressed woman spells liar! On the other hand
      the victim held up very well under cross examination and the defense was
      unable to shake her testimony. In addition, the judge and jury
      probably heard about his attempt to intimidate the victim and stare her
      down during her recess. This sounds like a lousy lawyer and a conceited
      Haman whose conceit was his ultimate downfall. Isn’t satmer
      embarrassed that we are forced to turn to secular courts since the
      pikuach nefesh of our children is in such jeopardy? They finally ran
      scared and fired Reichman!

    • Did you benefit anything to the world, instead of bashing your cousin, go find a job and get a life

      • I have a job. I work for the JDO

        • Anonymous reader

          I feel as a complete outsider, that I need to speak up on behalf of AJ Weberman.
          I was reading through these posts, and I am so disgusted with Avi Kramer. Your sinas chinam and eagerness to harass someone you barely know speak volumes of the person you are, while AJ Weberman does not retaliate even after several uncalled for provocations. I believe he is the true tzaddik here. How someone looks on the outside is completely immaterial to the Ribono Shel Olam if he has no yiras shamayim. Unfortunately, the man you so vehemently defend has two big black marks against him, which he admitted to himself and therefore can not be disputed. Number one, he clearly violated the laws of yichud on numerous occasions with a CHILD. Number two, he stole money from tzedaka and used it buy LINGERIE. Think hard before you hope your children grow up like him- he isn’t the picture of pure innocence- no one with true yiras shamayim would have done either of those things- not even mentioning now the things he was convicted of which are way, way worse. You and others like you are the reason people go off the derech, and you will be held accountable for that after your 120 years here. Meanwhile, men like the one you are harassing, who have found their way back to Torah and yiras shamayim despite being subjected to hatred and hypocrisy, are beloved by the RS”O and will be envied in the True World by all of us.

          • a Poshiter Yid

            I don’t recall him “admitting” to any of the 2 “black marks”. He only admitted about the tuition. and more so, It seems by you using all those “heimishe” wording that you are selling yourself as a mamin baHashem vetorosoi. We have a Torah that sets the rules. Our Torah (to which according to you AJ Weberman has found his way back) rules, that if one is motzeh shem ra on another without any witnesses, that person is not trusted and furthermore can end up paying a penalty (knas) for being motze shem ra. We don’t rule according to who’s words emotionally inspire the jury. At the same time when we are obligated to respect the country’s law and accept their rulings as Dina demalchusa, we as believers in our Torah need to be able to differentiate between “accepting” the verdict and “believing” the verdict. For true adhering Torah Jews it is an obligation to do the utmost to prove the innocence of a man who hasn’t been proven to be guilty with any evidence and get him freed. It is a Chilul Hashem and a disgrace when we see all our own brothers barraging the internet to show off their so called outrage when at the same time they are clearly violating their own Torah rulings.

          • Speak English instead of the language of the exile Hebrew mixed with German.. Go meet with the Iranian Hitler true Torah Jew. Plus you commented after Shabbos

          • I heard him admit to stealing sadducka money. I heard him admit to taking that car ride for 12 hours. You don’t think you can’t have sex in a car? Tell to Americans. The automobile played a big part in the sexual revolution of the early 1900′s.

          • Let’s do a small review:

            Anonymous reader:
            Unfortunately, the man you so vehemently defend has “two big black
            marks” against him, which he admitted to himself and therefore can not be disputed.
            1) he clearly violated the laws of yichud on numerous occasions with a CHILD.
            2) he stole money from tzedaka and used it buy LINGERIE

            A Poshiter Yid:
            I don’t recall him “admitting” to any of the 2 “black marks”. He only admitted about the tuition.

            I heard him admit to stealing sadducka money. I heard him admit to taking that car ride for 12 hours.

            Now my all dear readers! Do you see how AJ again tries to misguide a trend of discussions not staying focused? Mr. AJ! Did anonymous reader speak about admitting on your points??? or do you just want to bring up again and again your piece of mind here?? Stay focused.

            And yes you are right, you “CAN” have s** in a car, but it’s not a must… and here again, THERE”S “000″ EVIDENCE that he did. It seems like you’re not getting it, or rather your focus and goal is indeed to bash the roots from where you originate….

    • You fool, You are jelious…..Nechemya has a nice family and you flopped with life, shut up, and try to do what nechemya was doing all his life. maybe you will look better in front of hashem after your 120.

      • You mean you want me to become a child molester? He was convicted. If you don’t like American justice too bad.

        • It is indeed “too bad” but that doesn’t consider it justice, and without any evidence, he is considered an “innocent” man being hurt by the “too bad” system….

          • There was evidence but it was suppressed because of a bad search warrant

          • Can you please decide if you are supporting the justice system or not. Was the evidence “lawfully” suppressed ?????

          • Bad warrant what they found could not be used at the trial. Nechemya is a sick sadistic creep. Others have reported he burned them with candles and lighters. May he rot in Hell.

          • I’m glad that we are both on one page. We both don’t consider the justice system to really be just. The only difference is that we each use our disapproval to our taste. You claim that he is really guilty on more “but” the justice system suppressed the evidence. I claim that there’s no evidence that he is guilty at all, “but” the justice system is “too bad” for him.

          • During the trial someone contacted the DA’s office and was willing to testify against my cousin. So even if he beat this rap there was another in the wings.

          • Seems like you gotta have the last word (as if someone believes your stories) although it doesn’t suggest a “reply” to my comment at all. Go ahead again…

          • Judge Ingram gave him a fair trial. Love it or leave it Joe. The Satmar has had immunity from prosecution for child molestation for far too long. Now they are gonna get their come up ins starting with sick B Weberman. He really isn’t a Satmar – he is a psychopath pretending to be frum to cover his nefarious activities. He is a fat, disgusting pig.

          • Sounds from your language as if your out of control due to not being able to keep focus in replying on my earlier points and have a connecting string of discussions. THERE WAS “000″ EVIDENCE, PAL! nothing more than a crying young lady who influenced a jury. Keep it up! we’ll see you back tomorrow…

          • what do you expect? A dog to come forward? I wouldn’t put it past my cousin. I don’t believe he was a Satmar. He was pervert mole who just mouthed the words to his prayers but was really into something else. If he believed in Hashem he would not have done what he did. You are destroying the little good Satmar does visiting Jews in hospitals, prisons etc. But they hate Israel, so I hate them. You have no idea how close America came to deporting its Jews. Had Hoover had won that would have happened. Chabad is the real thing. Satmar are sick Jews.

          • Just like you understand that the court can suppress evidence because of a warrant, I understand that if in fact no one is here to come over then 1-1=0 evidence !

          • Fruit of a Poisoned Tree cannot be used as evidence. The warrant said do not open closets and the cops did. Bad warrant cannot mention what was found at trial.

          • a Poshiter Yid

            Finally I must admit that I am happy to see that you are softening up
            a little. I understand that you now admit that it is not right to
            connect this story to the entire Satmar community even though you hate
            them because of their Israeli views.

            Now, you might want to do a little research to understand the fine line difference between different groups and views of anti-Zionism. As I mention below in a different comment there is a big difference between the views of Satmar and the views of Neuturei Karta which can not be explained in one comment. While Neuturei Karta does activities in Iran and accompany the Arab world on different occasions the Satmars are strongly against this. The Satmars have their Halakhic opinion about conquering Israel before Messiah’s coming, but they don’t agree to the Neuturei Karta’s activities.

          • Rabbi Joel was the Neuturei Karta Rebbe for many years. He said Zionism was worse than Nazism. “Satmars have their Halakhic opinion about conquering Israel before Messiah’s coming” what does that mean? Please tell me.

          • You cannot conquer Israel before the Messiah comes, right? What if the Messiah never comes? Then what?

          • a Poshiter Yid

            Joe is my man. I like his style.

            Aj weberman 2 comments ago: Chabad is the real thing.

            Anonymous reader about ajweberman in a comment below: Meanwhile, men like the one you are harassing, who have found their way back to Torah and yiras

            Ajweberman in current reply: What if the Messiah never comes? Then what?

            What a comeback in Torah and Yiras Shomayim

          • Who am I harassing? My cousin? He was always frum as a cover, he never “found his way back.”

          • a Poshiter Yid

            AJ! Sorry but again you are not focusing. lets repeat slowly. Anonymous reader wrote to a commenter who supposedly was harassing you AJweberman That you Ajweberman are a tzaddik who found his way back to “Torah and Yiras Shomayim”. You too wrote that Chabad is the real thing. Seems as you indeed are trying to come back and stick to the real people to your taste, and I congratulate you on that. However from the words you stated “What if the Messiah never comes? Then what?” It doesn’t seem that way. I think Chabad – the real thing – doesn’t have that view….

          • I am not part of Chabad but I admire their outreach to the secular Jewish Community. When I see the mitzpah mobile before one of them can as me if I am Jewish i say, “Excuse me are you Jewish?”

          • Just asking a question? Am I not allowed to ask a question?

          • a Poshiter Yid

            1) Rabbi Joel was absolutely NOT the Neturei Karta rebbe. Go do your research please and prove me wrong.
            2) As I said I am not taking a stand in any opinion and it can not be explained in one comment that’s why I told you to research it yourself if you really want to understand it.

          • In 1953 he was the Neturi Karta rebbe in Jerusalem. He traveled back and forth between Williamsburg and Israel. Later he resigned. Do your research.

          • a Poshiter Yid

            I 1953 he was traveling back and forth???? and I should do my research????? and should he have been in neturei Karta then (which he wasn’t, at the most he might of not been against them and maybe even supported them until they started with their activities that he was outraged about), do you know why he resigned???? Did neturei karta visit Iran or go with Arabs before your 1953 date???? by pretending to write so called “facts” with “dates” without any sources, it doesn’t make you right. This is what you’ve been doing all the way long.

            The holiday break is over and I’ll need to get back to work and might not be able to reply, but i think between all my words people who seek the real truth will see my views quite convincing. so go ahead with your last word as usual.

          • a Poshiter Yid

            Excerpts from different articles:


            Neturei Karta is sometimes confused with Satmar, due to both being
            anti-Zionist. They are separate groups and have had disagreements.

            Moshe Hirsch, who was a leader of one of the smaller groups within Neturei
            Karta,[3] has endorsed Yasser Arafat, the Palestine Liberation Organization and
            later, the Palestinian Authority as the rightful rulers of the Land of Israel, which includes the modern-day
            State of Israel. Satmar Hasidim have criticised this alignment, describing it
            as condoning or even abetting Palestinian political violence or using
            Palestinians as a tool for the destruction of Israel


            The Satmar Hassidism Court published an unprecedented statement calling on the public to disassociate themselves from the seven Neturei Karta members who visited Iran to attend the Holocaust denial conference this week.


            הסכמתו להשתתפות בבחירות לראשות עיריית בני ברק הביאה לביקורת עליו מצד חלק מחוגי נטורי קרתא שיצאו בכרוז “רבינו סר מהדרך”. אחרי מלחמת ששת הימים, כשנטורי קרתא שיתפו פעולה עם ערבים, אמר שאינם “נטורי קרתא” אלא “מחריבי קרתא”

          • Just the 7 who visited Iran. The rest were okay. The ones who didn’t go were still accepted by the Satmar Community.

          • Let’s face it. Neturi Karta are Kofarim B’Torah. They are heretics. They should be expelled as the Nazerites were.

          • Nowhere in any holy book does it say join with the enemy of the Jews to kill other Jews. But what Rabbinical Court has the power to expel them?

        • I know who you are, and I know your background family. i’m sure R’ Moshe Weberman is really proud of you. Continue doing what you do to get you sooner burning in hell aside of your father……..You were always a hippy drop out. you are a big peice of BS, self hating human. stop represending judaism and the beautiful Weberman family. Continue your life in the same rotton cell you lived till now, and let the world live in peice……..

          • Nechemya disgraced the Weberman family with his behavior. He is the one who is going to hell along with his supporters. Another Weberman disgrace is William Weberman who met with Ahmadinejad the Hitler of Iran. I put a Yiddish curse on you – you will find out.

          • Necahemya is the true weberman, and you are the Weberman’s shit!!! I pray to hashem my kids should grow up like Nechemya, GOd forbit they grow up a hippy sheigotz like you. Yes Nechemya, we love you, support you with hashem at our side……..

          • It is Nechemya who is the hippy. He ran a crash pad for Satmar chicks. He told them to say they were his nieces. He is the Serpent from Gan Eden that stole innocence.

  5. B.M.Lebo was also a famous phedofile and nobody came forward, so cut the **AP with the not coming forward … And yes, they can only come forward on blogs and stuff, cuz look how they threatened this victims family , she was a true hero

  6. Very well explained. He is definitely innocent. A chasidic Jew has no CHANCE by a jury.
    Mr. Weberman is a true pious person and is suffering for my or our transgressions.

    • He is suffering for his sins that are multitude and the wrath of Ha’shem has yet to fall on his shoulders. Thank Ha’shem that he cannot hurt your daughter assuming you have a daughter and care about her.

    • He is not a real Satmar. He is psychopathic mole. He doesn’t believe in Judaism. He uses it for his own perverted ends. Please believe me. I am the last direct descendant of R’ Moshe Weberman. Please.

    • Sometimes they don’t as in Shylock. But Judge Ingram gave him a fair trial, too fair if you ask me. I understand what you are saying but in this case it is not valid

  7. AJWeberman, I am also a weberman grandkid (Wilhelm) how exactly are you related

    • Nechemya is the grandson of my
      grandfather Herman’s brother, Ben Zion Weberman. My father was Ezra Weberman, an attorney with an office at 51 Chambers Street. Herman was a Spanish-American war veteran who lived at 474 Brooklyn Ave. Do you know anything about Cheskill Weberman who repaired time clocks? He might have been a Haskal.

  8. AJWeberman I am a Wilhelm grandkid how are we related.

    • My father was Ezra Weberman ben Herman Weberman ben Moishe Weberman. Thank Ha’shem they left Satmar, Hungry, and came to US or I would not be alive thanks in part to Rudolph Katsner

  9. Can someone show me even 1 anonymous comment where the person said they were also abused by him? I only hear of this person heard or that person heard but so far there is no even evidence beyond hearsay.

  10. Yoeli Rabinowitz

    Go read rabbi Horowitz website , many others have come forward. You are all to scared because your lives will fall apart if you realized that indeed he is guilty.

  11. Chabad is preserving the Jewish tradition and heritage. Even on my block on East 94th Street they have observances of various holidays too numerous to mention. When I davened at the Cottage Street shul in Jersey City NJ (I almost wrote JC New Jersey) the Rabbi was from Chabad. He wanted me to infiltrate a Mosque that was once a shul. I said Rabbi, Rabbi how am I going to do that? Cottage Street was not the Park Ave Synagogue it was the real thing. Jews from all over the world who all spoke Yiddish. Bob Persky davened with emotion. It was so far removed from Nechemya it make my heart sick

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