Victims Were Also Forced to Wear a Yellow Star in Nazi Germany

Yossi GestetnerSome people argue that “The (Hasidic) Community” needs to accept whatever wide-brush, negative media coverage thrown at them regarding abuse because “The Community” permitted wrong things to go on for too long.

Sure, a community should look out for its members and neighbors, but as far I am concerned “The Community” includes people who were unborn when many of these abuses took place. “The community” includes people who mind their own business incapable or unable to force change. “The Community” includes people who do whatever they can to help others and have no hand in causing anyone harm or pain. “The Community” includes people who are abuse victims yet don’t hold a grudge against “The Community.”

The question now is: Why do these people in “The Community” need to suffer because many leaders and some parents wronged victims? Hating and trashing a group because some members wronged someone you care for, is bigotry! Let’s call it as it is: Bigotry! Furthermore, all type Jews (majority of them not observant!) were forced to wear ‘Juda’ stars and were extinct simply because they were Jewish. The point here is that poisoning the air against Jews with wide-brush, prejudice attacks in the name of speaking up for victims, causes harm to people (not a Holocaust, but harm indeed to people) in “The Community” who don’t deserve it, including victims who continue a Jewish lifestyle or simply have Jewish names.

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12/21/2012 9:33 AM by JPUpdates Staff
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