ABCs “Nightline” to Run New Report on Ostreicher

ABC News Nightline will run a report about Jacob Ostreicher in Bolivia. This news program was the first of any major American TV station to cover extensively the Ostreicher story.

Months ago a crew smuggled in their TV equipment into the Palmasola Prison for their first report. However within a day of their arrival, word spread that the “family members” who came to visit Mr. Ostreicher are actually American Journalists. Not taking any chances, Terry Moran and his crew ditched the prison, leaving behind $20,000 worth of equipment. However, Moran ran a story back in May with footage of the prison.

Now that Mr. Ostreicher is out on bail, nightline returned to Bolivia for an extensive follow-up story.

01/01/2013 7:04 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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