Breaking: Two Judges who Kept Denying Ostreicher’s Bail Indicted

Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Two more Judges were just indicted in the Ostreicher case. Judge Zenon Rodríguez  and Judge Wilson Arévalo were indicted and charged with dereliction of duty. Both denied the request for an injunction to the detention Jacob Ostreicher.

Judge Rodríguez who is a member of the departmental court, admitted that after ordering Ostreicher released initially, he was pressured to overturn his initial decision, which he did, and in return he was promoted five days later to the position of appellate court judge. He was then replaced by judge Arevalo who continued to deny bail to Jacob Ostreicher.

This bring the total of indictments in the Jacob Ostreicher case to eighteen. Fifteen Government officials and three non-government people who were involved in the extortion against Jacob Ostreicher and others.

01/03/2013 2:35 PM by Mark Hirshberg

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