NJDC Hits GOP for ‘Outrageously’ Placing Rand Paul on FR Committe

From the NJDC: Senator Rand Paul’s membership in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should be raising red flags and provoking severe concern across the pro-Israel community. The decision by Republican Senate leaders to give a bigger microphone and a prominent platform to someone who has repeatedly called for an end to U.S. aid to Israel and used his leadership PAC to push an anti-foreign aid agenda is simply outrageous. As we’ve said for months, Senator Paul and his father’s acolytesa re becoming legitimate forces in today’s Republican Party—and pro-Israel Republicans have repeatedly and epically failed to address this growing issue within the GOP ranks. Now this failure has very real consequences. The overwhelmingly pro-Israel American public deserves much better than a radical ideologue on the Senate’s primary diplomatic committee who has demonstrated a singular obsession with slashing aid to the Jewish state.

  1. Wow, Rand Paul does something good for a change…

  2. Senator Rand has proposed eliminating foreign aid to all countries, not just Israel. Additionally, he said that Israel wouldn’t be one of the last countries that he would remove aid from as he views Israel as an ally. Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting this nonsense. It’s time for Israel to stand on her own. The US is broke and cannot afford to keep giving money to other countries to buy US weapons. Israel does not need our help to defend itself. They are more powerful than every other ME country combined. Foreign aid is a detriment as it forces countries to rely on us for help rather than standing up on their own.

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