Will Obama Move On Hagel Before Another Devastating Sunday on the Shows?

Yossi GestetnerLast Saturday Night we reported exclusively that the WH called key Jewish leaders informing them that a Chuck Hagel announcement is imminent, perhaps as early as Monday, Dec 31st. Some of those leaders were asked by national reporters if they received a call, but few-to-non admitted or knew anything about it.

But later that night, Malcolm Hoenlein went on record saying Hagel is being nominated by Monday, right before New Years. But with the Fiscal Cliff issue lingering into 2013, it looked highly unlikely. Indeed, today is Friday and no one was officially nominated.

However, this morning Dan Senor, the key national security and foreign policy advisor to Mitt Romney’s now-failed campaign, tweeted “look for a Hagel announcement on Mon, maybe Tues.” That a key Jewish policy figure goes on record with this information comes as no surprise to me, but Chuck Todd said today on Morning Joe “My guess is that they yank Chuck Hagel at the end of the day.”

At this time I do not have more information about the potential Hagel Nomination. However based on my info of a week ago, combined with Hoenlein and Senor’s on the record statement, Hagel’s nomination looks very likely. But the more time that goes by, it opens more doors for more people in DC and elsewhere to fight the Hagel nomination, which in itself can be (‘can be’ I said, didn’t say it will or will not be) fatal for Hagel’s prospects.

01/04/2013 9:44 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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