REPORT: Muslim Cleric Cursed Dead SEALs at Their Own Funeral

[Video Below] Wash Times: The families of Navy SEALs killed in an August  2011 shoot-down of a  helicopter in Afghanistan spoke at a press  conference Thursday morning, citing  a number of grievances,  including an  allegation that the Pentagon invited a Muslim cleric who  “disparaged in  Arabic the memory of these servicemen.”

In  addition to blasting the Obama administration for the  mission and for   an official investigation they deemed a cover-up, the  families  complained that  “military  brass, while prohibiting any  mention of a Judeo-Christian God,  invited a  Muslim cleric to the  funeral for the fallen Navy SEAL Team VI heroes  who disparaged in  Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them  as  infidels to  Allah.”

The Right Scoop posted video of it as presented by the SEALs families at the Press Conference


  1. How do we find out who is responsible for this outrage?

    • If you aren’t already aware of the ACLJ and Jordan Sekulow, I suggest that you check out the website. There are petitions you can sign. I’m sure there will be one for this soon. There is an app for it as well. This organization is the “watchdog” for those of us left in the U.S. who still believe in the living God that is Jesus Christ. God is winning my friend, It just isn’t apparent in this country right now. Our government has politically corrected itself into Hell. Also, Janet Mefford has a radio program on 950 am/ WTLN. I hope you are in the kingdom! Whenever I pray, it is first and foremost for Obama’s salvation and Peace in Israel. God doesn’t need my help, He just needs me to Love. But it is our responsibility to take action. I’m afraid that this is not new to me. It’s pretty much every day that I see the Lord cursed! The battle isn’t political it is spiritual. The Kingdom of God vs. the Kingdom of Satan. Don’t lose sight of the fact that these people are lost just as we once were. I was Saul, now I’m Paul.
      God be with you!

  2. It’s good to know Westboro Baptist and Islam have something in common don’t you think? 0.o They hate the military almost as much as the democrats and the mainstream media do.

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