CNN POLL: Snowden Has A Better Approval Rating Than President Obama

Yossi GestetnerIn today’s CNN Poll, Obama’s overall approval rating is at 45% while 54% disapprove of his work. This is a -9 rating. But when asked Americans about Edward Snowden leaking information to the public, 44% approved while 52% disproved; giving him a -8 approval rating.

Indeed, Obama’s 54-45 rating is on overall things while Snowden is only on one issue but there is only this one issue relevant to Snowden so measuring how Americans feel about Snowden’s work can only be gauged by this question, and he beats Obama in approval.

When asked if they approve how Obama is handling the surveillance of American citizens, 61% disapproved while only 35% approved. Tis is odd because a clear majority are in favor of the NSA programs. So I guess they are ok with the concept of these programs but not how Obama is handling this issue. Perhaps Americans are not too happy that the Admin went all out against Snowden?

06/17/2013 3:42 PM by JPUpdates Staff
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