House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Statement on Egypt Situation

Eric CantorEgypt’s stability is tremendously important for America’s national security and for the security of our allies in the Middle East. The Egyptian military has long been a key partner of the United States and a stabilizing force in the region, and is perhaps the only trusted national institution in Egypt today.

In the difficult days ahead, it will be important for Egyptian authorities to safeguard the rights, interests, and security of all of Egypt’s citizens. For their part, Mohamed Morsi and his allies must put the interests of Egypt’s diverse population ahead of the interests of himself or the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian people have made clear that President Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government has threatened the pluralistic democracy for which they called two years ago. As President Obama has said, democracy is about more than elections. It is important that Egypt’s leaders listen to their people, whose calls for a transparent and pluralistic democratic process should be respected.

07/03/2013 6:00 PM by Guest Author
Tags: Morsi

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