Spring Valley, NY – Yosef Hersh Gross Goes to Court After Daniel Friedman Challenge

Yosef Hersh Gross ShirThe race to be the next Mayor of Spring Valley, NY, went into overdrive today as Town of Ramapo Councilman and SV Mayor candidate Daniel Friedman successfully removed Spring Valley Trustee Yosef Hersh Gross from the ballot. However, Mr, Gross has not wasted any time, telling JPUpdates that he is going to Court to reinstate his name.

Mr. Gross says that many of his petitions  incorrectly stated ‘Spring Valley NY’ next to some names whose mailing address – while within the Village – is still Monsey, NY. However Mr. Friedman says that he challenged 266 of Gross’ 505 petitions on other grounds such as folks not being registered to vote, not registered as Democrats, or not living in the Village. As per Friedman, The Board of Elections accepted about 170 of those challenges, pushing Gross below the 364 signatures needed to be on the ballot. 

Sources tell JPUpdates that Mr. Friedman’s petitions are also being challenged at this time but Mr. Friedman tells JPUpdates that he filed 844 petitions and is confident enough that he will survive all the challenges against him.

More information on both challenges are expected later today from the Board of Elections.

Regardless who of the two stays on the ballot, they will face a tough battle in the September Primary. SV Trustee Demeza Delhomme appears to be the strongest candidate within the Haitian Community with upwards of 700 votes, but the current Mayor Noramie F. Jasmin is also running despite being arrested a few months ago. In a strong Primary, the Orthodox Jewish Community in the Village can produce 650 votes which needs to be supplemented by at least 100 non-Jewish votes in order to overcome Mr. Delhomme’s formidable strength. In a four-way race it may be tough – but not impossible – to pull off, say local observers.

  1. What a chillul Hashem! A chassidishe yid taking a frum yid to court – and its right after Tisha Bav! I am sure Mr. Gross wants to be mayor but it doesn’t seem like he is going to be on the ballot! Why not come together…we see the tragedy of golus

    • Why did Gross run in the first place? He never had a chance to win but only divide the Jewish voice. Mind you, he’s been part of the corrupted government in the village that raised taxes for the haimisha oilum.

      • Dammmmn! How about Friedman shouldn’t run in first place? Why you’re asking the question on Gross?

    • Yossi Gestetner

      Gross is not taking Friedman to Court. He is taking the Friedman challenge to Court which got him knocked off in the first place.

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