Rasmussen: Only 18 Percent Approve of Foreign Aid to Egypt

Egypt FallingNewsmax:  A new Rasmussen poll shows little support for the U.S. to continue sending billions of taxpayer dollars to Egypt, and not much enthusiasm for President Barack Obama’s reaction to increased violence that has swept the country.

Of the likely voters polled by Rasmussen Reports, fewer than one-in-five — just 18 percent — said the annual payment of $1.3 billion should continue while 54 percent said it should be stopped and 27 percent were not sure.

As for Obama’s handling of the crisis, 11 percent said it has been excellent, 19 percent good, 23 percent fair, and 33 percent gave him a poor rating.

The poll was conducted late last week and has a three percent margin of error.

The poll also reveals little confidence in Egypt’s ability to become a peaceful and democratic nation — 56 percent said it was not likely to happen in the next few years, while 29 percent said it was likely to happen.

08/19/2013 9:47 PM by Guest Author

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