Case of Orthodox Jewish Stores with Modesty Signs Will go to Trial

modesty signBrooklyn, NY – The case against several orthodox Jewish shops in the Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg, who put up signs to advise potential customers that immodest clothing is not acceptable in that store, has been scheduled to go  trial, the New York Post Reports:

The city’s battle against Orthodox Jewish retail shops that require “modesty’’ of their customers should go to trial, an administrative judge has ruled.

Both sides have been fighting for months over signs that Satmar shops in Williamsburg put in their windows saying, “Entrance here only for those with modest attire. No Shorts, No Barefoot, No Sleeveless, NO Low Cut Neckline ALLOWED IN THIS STORE.”

The city argues that the signs are discriminatory against women, non-Jews and the non-religious by making them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in the Lee Avenue stores.

The trial will consist of a two-day hearing in administrative court in January, officials said.

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09/30/2013 10:50 AM by Mark Hirshberg
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