Lhota Hits Back After De Blasio Campaign Launches Attack Website

lhota giulianiNY1 Reports: De Blasio’s campaign launched an attack website on Tuesday, attempting to paint Lhota’s political philosophy as extremist.

The headline: Goldwater + Tea Party + Giuliani = Lhota.

The site hits Lhota for admiring conservative Sen. Barry Goldwater in his younger days and for remarks he made to the Staten Island Tea Party in April, saying his philosophical views were close to theirs.

“A meeting that took an hour, and take one sentence out and pull it out, it’s not fair. I can’t tell you how I disagree and have consistently disagreed with the Tea Party” [Lhota said].

Lhota has long argued that his politics lean more Libertarian…

…”He is making a very, very big mistake,” Lhota said. “He goes into one debate and he wants to slam me that way, I’ll go toe to toe with him.”

Lhota says it’s de Blasio who is extreme.

“He’s in bed with the UFT,” Lhota said. “He doesn’t care one bit about educating the children of this city. He cares more about making sure that Michael Mulgrew feels good when he goes to bed at night.”

10/01/2013 9:32 PM by Guest Author
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