NYP Editorial: NYC Treating Some Hasidim As if They are the KKK

Gestetner Printing Credit NY PostThe Editors of the NY Post once again ripped the NYC Human Rights Commission for its lawsuit against 7 Hasidic-Owned stores in Williamsburg who posted modesty signs. The post writes:

Our guess is that most New Yorkers recognize these signs as no different from any other dress code imposed by a restaurant, hotel or any other place for reasons of “propriety” rather than “modesty.” We’ve never even seen the city sue a pizza parlor that might post a sign reading “No shirt, no shoes, no service” — let alone fancy eateries like the Four Seasons, which require business attire.

Most people probably take these for granted. So when a group of Jewish-owned stores are singled out and treated like the KKK, we have to wonder if there are other agendas at ­work here.

The Human Rights Commission is right about one thing: There definitely is discrimination involved in this case. But the real discrimination here is being levied against these shops, not ­by them.

The next mayor should do us all a favor and drop this case.

10/06/2013 1:29 PM by Guest Author

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