Fox News’ Juan Williams Meets Privately With Obama: ‘They’re in Full Fight Mode’

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams just sat down with President Obama at the White House in a private meeting that included other liberal journalists.

Others at the meeting included MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Ezra Klein, and Ed Schultz, Howard Fineman of Huffington Post, David Corn of Mother Jones, and New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn.

Williams appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now to convey some of what he took from the meeting. He said he could not disclose what was said by President Obama, but emphasized that other senior officials expressed that the administration is “in full fight mode” over ObamaCare.

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Williams said the White House remains focused on fixing the issues with the ObamaCare rollout and “repairing the damage” to the president.

“They’re frustrated right now with the way this has been portrayed in the media because they say it has done some good. Bill Clinton couldn’t even get a vote on proposed health care reform. A hundred years people have been trying to do it. This is hard work, that’s what one of them said,” Williams recounted, adding that officials believe they will have a “sustainable pool” of enrollees once the website is working.

(Relevant part is second half of video)

11/21/2013 9:42 PM by Guest Author

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