Gestetner: Obama-Clinton All Talk on South Africa. Bush Was All Action

Bill, Hillary and Obama’s tweets and posts about Nelson Mandela are very self-centered. The Clintons called him Madiba; the name used for him out of affection, and Bill’s tweet showed him sitting with Mandela (“my friend Madiba”). The WH posted a photo of Obama visiting Mandela’s prison cell. Bush 43 on the other hand did nothing of this kind. His center simply released a short statement, which is interesting because Bush did more for South Africa (which Mandela led 1994-1999) than Obama and Clinton combined as illustrated in my tweet:

Basically, Bush spiked aid to South Africa from Clinton’s last budget of $50M to more than $570M, while Obama kept it flat at that rate ever since.

12/06/2013 1:18 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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