Gestetner: Obama-Clinton All Talk on South Africa. Bush Was All Action

Bill, Hillary and Obama’s tweets and posts about Nelson Mandela are very self-centered. The Clintons called him Madiba; the name used for him out of affection, and Bill’s tweet showed him sitting with Mandela (“my friend Madiba”). The WH posted a photo of Obama visiting Mandela’s prison cell. Bush 43 on the other hand did nothing of this kind. His center simply released a short statement, which is interesting because Bush did more for South Africa (which Mandela led 1994-1999) than Obama and Clinton combined as illustrated in my tweet:

Basically, Bush spiked aid to South Africa from Clinton’s last budget of $50M to more than $570M, while Obama kept it flat at that rate ever since.

  1. your worst nightmare

    hey doofus loser did you do any effort at figuring out if there was no justification for ibncreasing the aide or no political will to do so or no ability to get an aid package increased? how much do you hate Jews that you lie to them by just making up a story out of thin air you imbecilic dropout nothing loser

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