Op-Ed: NY Post’s War Against Shomrim

By: Efraim Greenberg

The New York Post is out today with another hate piece this time by Josh Saul whose primary job seems to be to trash the Orthodox Jewish Community. Saul took the words of – by the Posts’ own account – a career criminal with a long rap sheet that “includes 20 collars for everything from burglary to assault”, and reported it on face value against the words of four honorable volunteers that give away their time every day of the week, to protect the community they live in.

Multiple eye witnesses claimed to have seen David Flores repeatedly exposing himself and conducting lewd acts in the public view of young children who were playing outside their houses. In Court however the Jury did not find him guilty of this and most other serious charges because witnesses from within the Jewish Community didn’t testify out of fear of retribution from this career criminal.

According to the New York Post story, Flores was driving to a Brooklyn bakery when his car was out of nowhere surrounded by an angry mob of approximately 20 Chasidic men, after a van stopped short in front of his vehicle in Borough Park. The group allegedly banged on his windows, kicked his doors and shouted “Kill him, he’s a f–—g Muslim!”, with one Shomrim member waving a gun at Flores. Flores claims that while he attempted to escape from his car, he was grabbed and beaten, and only then when a gang of twenty people were on him he somehow managed to pull out his own gun which wounded a few Shomrim members.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, according to Shomrim coordinator Yanky Daskal who spoke to VIN News. “911 had already been called on him a week before. By the time Police came he was long gone, but we had his description and a plate number.  When we got a call a week later that he was exposing himself to kids again, we called 911 and we followed his car.”

As Flores, who according to Daskal knew he was being followed, turned into 46th Street on September 2nd 2010, he was blocked by a vehicle that was trying to park. “There was a hachnasas Sefer Torah and the Satmar Rebbe was there, it was a huge crowd,” recalled Daskal.  “We were on the street and we made sure not to approach him, touch him or say anything to him.”

After getting out of his car and seeing Shomrim members approaching on foot, Flores took a .22 caliber handgun out of his pocket. “He shot one of our members in the stomach from quite a few feet away,” said Daskal.  “After that we jumped him.  He shot again and again, even shooting himself. We were just trying to get the gun away. It was chaos.”

Now, does any human being think that a criminal with a rap sheet like Mr. Flores will not concoct stories to deflect blame from himself? Why would a propagandist take an interview and report it as fact? Simple. The NYP has an agenda of blatantly spreading hatred against orthodox Jews. When was the last time a violent Jew-on-Muslim crime took place in NYC? It’s rare-to-non existent but the NY Post went with it anyway.

The NYP seems to be having an official Kampf (fight) with Shomrin. Back in May of 2012, Columnist Andrea Peyser at the New York Post wrote as follows:

“Last year, 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky disappeared in Borough Park, but his mom didn’t call the cops. She called Brooklyn South Shomrim, an unarmed and untrained civilian patrol. Cops were finally called by the boy’s dad nearly three hours after Leiby vanished. It was too late. Leiby’s dismembered body was found in the freezer of mad man Levi Aron, and in a nearby Dumpster.”

This writer essentially says that Shomrim’s actions led to the killing of Kletzki, which is a brazen smear as outlined here. Similarly, the NYP ran an anti-Shomrin op-ed in July 2011 making similar claims about the Kletzky story and argued that the NYC Council should cut funding from Shomrim. In August of 2011, the “NY Post Staff” ran their own opinion piece pushing these outrageous claims and again arguing its “time to defund the Shomrim.” Whether it’s a columnist, op-ed or the paper’s own content, the New York Post is there to run it if it’s to bash Shomrim.

For the NYP, Orthodox Jews and their institutions are easy targets to hit with no fear of advertiser backlash as other communities have undertaken to end the vile, lying smears against them and their institutions.

12/09/2013 4:42 PM by Guest Author

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