Orthodox Jews – The Future of the GOP in NY?

Ezra Friedlander RomneyNew York State has 150 Assembly Districts, but one district stood out extremely strong in the last presidential elections: Assembly District 48 represented by Assemblyman Dov Hikind who arguably has the largest Ultra-Orthodox Jewish constituency of anyone in the lower chamber of the NY State Legislature.

75.6% of the district went for Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. The closest NY Romney Assembly District does not even break the 60% mark! John McCain in 2008 also scored very well in this area of New York.

The GOP numbers among the Ultra Orthodox, turn weaker and weaker as closer to home a race gets. Meaning, party line plays less of a role if it’s a State-wide race such as for Governor, and it plays even less of a role if it’s just a district seat such as to the New York City Council. In fact, Mr. Hikind a Democrat, won re-election in 2012 with a larger margin than did Mitt Romney in this very district.

When looking at State Senate District 17, which overlaps Assembly District 48 and the surrounding areas, Mr. Romney scored %58.27 of the vote; the second best showing for Mr. Romney in the State’s 63 SD’s.

To put these numbers in perspective: Romney won only 35.22% of the State’s 6.8 million voters.

01/28/2014 3:27 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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