Confused With All the CBO-Obamacare Spin? These Charts Simplify It

There has been a strong back and forth in the political class on whether the CBO said last week that Obamacare helps or does not help the economy. The easiest way to asses if Obamacare, according to the CBO, is a net positive or net negative to the economy, employment, the deficit and so on, is to compare the CBO’s economic and budget projections of last week to the ones they released in January 2010; two months before Obamacare was signed. That was the last pre-ACA projections that they made; making it the closest thing to an honest assessment how economic things changed from pre to post ACA. The charts below give you some context on a few key area:

Medicare Spending by Year ChartBudget Deficit by Year Chart CBO ObamacareUnemployment Rate Pre-Post ACA

  1. Now ACA : Go to poverty areas and the schools and see the tuff times teachers are facing because students see that Government will care for them obamacare/aca and entitlements .. When you remove the will then education will fail and not even be needed..

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