Sefer Torah Being Written in Memory of Slain Menachem Stark

Sefer TorahBrooklyn, NY – As family and friend are still coming to grips with the reality of the kidnapping and brutal slaying of Williamsburg Philanthropist Menachem Stark, they are seeking to fill the void left by his passing.

Therefore they have vowed to perpetuate his life and all of his holy endeavors by writing of a brand new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) to be used and celebrated with in his eternal memory.

The writing of the Sefer Torah has already started on the conclusion of the Shloshim period (the second mourning period which consists of the first 30 days after the passing of an individual).

Family members tell JP Updates that they hope to have the sefer torah ready in time for his first Yahrtzeit (anniversary).

After it’s completion a big Hachnosas Sefer Torah celebration will be held at which the sefer torah will be brought into a synagogue to be used to read the weekly torah portions in memory of Menachem. It’s still unclear which synagogue the sefer torah will be brought to upon it’s completion.

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  1. Brian Geary

    Holy endeavors? What would THAT be? Stealing money? Committing fraud? Oh, right. As long as he was stealing from gentiles, it’s “holy” in that stolen Babylonan god – Yahweh’s- name.

  2. Philanthropist, my ass. There’s a better word for what Max was, and it’s hardly an appropriate one to use on this website.

    • Joel kestenbaum murdered Menachem Stark thats the talk in the shtetle and in the community after a big argument they both had regarding some big mortgage on one of the properties , so it wasnt a gentile Mr Brian. Mr Brian that makes you feel better? Joel is the son of Louis Kestenbaum ODA

  3. shylock the jew

    one of his many victims finally got his 180 (menachims weight) pounds of flesh.

  4. Philanthropist?! What a joke! He was a crook, it’s just as simple as that. In the end. He got just what he deserved.

  5. Some_Random_Guy

    How about to the dumpster? That’s a fine location!

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