Frank Luntz Praises Sen. Schumer For Putting Height of Career At Risk On Iran

Reid SchumerRepublican pollster Frank Luntz delivered Monday some words of praise for non-other than Senior Democratic NY Senator, Chuck Schumer. In  a town hall style breakout session on the sidelines of the AIPAC policy conference in DC, Luntz said he has “high respect” for Sen. Schumer for putting his political future in jeopardy over Iran sanctions

“Chuck Schumer wants to be head of the U.S. Senate, you understand that .. Chuck Schumer wants to run the Senate, he wants to be the Democratic leader of the Senate. And he’s prepared — and I give him so much respect for that — to put himself on the line to say ‘this is wrong here. I am going to go against the administration’, knowing that the administration can punish him when that time comes,” said Luntz. “If someone is willing to out their entire career on the line, that’s the person I’m going to listen to.”

“He has spent 30 years as a political liner and now he’s saying to this administration that on this vote (the Iran sanctions bill that was meanwhile delayed), it actually matter more to me than my career. That’s a bill deal,” Luntz added. “If Schumer comes tonight (Sen. Schumer is expected to address AIPAC in the evening), tell him ‘Frank Luntz says hello.’ He and I have argued and battled for years, but my respect for him is this high because of his willingness to do that.”

In yet to published poll numbers of an in depth survey on the American public’s view on Iran, Luntz presented poll data that shows 81-19 percent of the US public are in favor of increasing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

According to the poll, 66% of US voters (including 56% of Democrats) believe that President Obama cannot stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even if he really wanted to. Only 34% trust the President’s capabilities.

In a more sensitive matter, 56-44 trust Israeli Prime Minister over President Obama to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Among Republicans 83-17 trust Bibi over Obama and 72% of Democrats trust Obama, while only 28% trust Netanyahu. The partisan emotions, however, doesn’t extend to the ballot booth, as a majority of 86-14 (including 77% of Dems and 96% of GOPers) would rather vote for a Senator that is in favor of increasing the pressure on Iran over a Senator or candidate that favors reducing pressure on Iran and trusts Iran to end its military nuclear program.

03/03/2014 2:08 PM by Jacob Kornbluh

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