Bloomingburg, NY – Judge Prohibits Hasidic Voters From Voting By Reg. Ballot In Tomorrow’s Elex

Bloomingburg developementVoters will be heading to the polls in in the Village of Bloomingburg Tuesday to cast their vote in the heated race for mayor. Rural Heritage Party mayoral candidate Frank Gerardi is running against Mayor Mark Berentsen of the Bloomingburg Strong party.

But because of challenges to more than 230 of the village’s 393 registered voters, mostly Hasidic Jews, the outcome of the election most likely won’t be known as poll close. Sullivan County Supreme Court Judge Stephan Schick ruled Thursday that all voters whose registrations have been challenged must vote with an affidavit swearing they live where they’re registered.

The sealed ballots will be set aside and not counted until they’re reviewed.

bloomingburg judge ruling #1bloomingburg judge ruling #2

The Sullivan County Board of Elections says they’ve partnered with the sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies to ensure Tuesday’s elections are conducted with the “utmost integrity.”

“Tempers are running high there haven’t been any threats, but as a precaution we were asked by the Board of Election to be there and make sure it’s a fair election. That if something does occur, someone does lose their temper, that something occurs, it’s taken care of and everyone can go back about their business,” Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff told Time Warner Cable.

Polls will be open tomorrow from noon to 9 p.m.

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  1. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Bloomingburg for 22 years. Unfortunately I don’t live in the village proper so Im not eligible to vote in the Tuesday Election. There was was not one Hasidic face here prior to a few weeks ago. Everyone who lives here knows the the current bunch were sneaked in by sleazy developer Shalom Lamm to tip the election.

    • Moe Ginsburg

      Moishe: The only question is if they live there now. If they do, and your comment seems to indicate they do as you’ve said they have been there for a few weeks, they have every right to vote as any American who has lived there for 35 years.

      • Do you need to reside there for 30 days prior to registration (which is a month before the voting day)?

        Does this mean that the Hasidic people are required by law to live there since January 2014 about, so they vote tomorrow?

        • Moe Ginsburg

          Yes, you are correct. You need to be a resident for 30 days in order to vote there. Something I understand they have been residents longer than for, as it is for 30 days before election day (today), which means at least since Feb. 16.

          • Evidence was presented to the Board of Elections that none of the new residents were living in the Village in ANY FORM (since they are there only on the weekends) prior to February 22nd (with the exception of one family) which makes them ineligible for this election.

          • Moe Ginsburg

            According to New York State election law, as ruled upon in previous court cases, if someone is living somewhere only on weekends or only for a few weeks a year or however little time, he is eligible to register and vote in the place he is a seasonal or weekend resident.

            Therefore, the current new Bloomingburg residents, even if they are brand new and on only weekenders (or only seasonal) they are fully eligible to register and vote in Bloomingburg according to New York State election law.

            By the way, what kind of “evidence” was presented?

          • You can go to Sullivan County Board of Elections and pull them for $0.25 a page yourself. There is a “mountain of evidence” presented of the exact dates everyone “moved in”. And it was NOT the 16th. Sorry to break it to you… they are ineligible.

          • Moe Ginsburg

            As long as they came for a weekend before 2/16, they are eligible voters. They needn’t have been full-time residents, and nevertheless NYS Election Law gives them the legal right to vote anyways.

          • Part of the problem is the news keeps reporting this wrong. The voters were not only challenged on the basis that they do not really live in the properties (again, only come up on the weekends). BUT also that even if they are found to establish residency, they did not do it within the required 30 days prior to the election. That us NYS Law. No way to spin that. A “mountain” of evidence was provided showing this. So do not be surprised when the Court deems them ineligible for this election.
            Also the illegality was not done on the part of the voters… it was the developer who purchased the homes then registered people living there before they were living there.

          • Moe Ginsburg

            Weekend residents are eligible to vote under NYS Election Law if this is the only area they vote from. (If they have multiple residences, NYC Election Law allows them to choose any one to vote from, even if it is not their primary residence.)

            From what I understand the new residents have registered to vote at least 30 days prior to election day after they were already (at least weekend) residents, so they are in compliance with NYS Election Law and are legal Bloomingburg voters.

      • pissed bloomingburger

        picked the wrong town to practice voter manipulation skum bags like to play crooked angles. justice may be a slow wheel up in these here parts..but trust me it ever grinds on;)

        • Moe Ginsburg

          Moving into town and voting is not “voter manipulation”.

          It is legal and it is called “democracy”.

          • Truth Hurts

            Actually, bussing in non-residents who were illegally registered by a “third party”, who were then given cards with their names indicating the addresses they were supposed to claim were theirs (because they had no knowledge of their “addresses” prior to the election day), and who were then coached on the steps of the election building on who to vote for, all of which was observed by many witnesses that day, is the very definition of voter manipulation. But you keep defending Lamm and the non-residents. The truth will out. :)

  2. a corrupt bribe taking judge put a stop work order in so hasidic jews couldnt move in, then the gentiles in town called a suprise election, if you think this is a democracy then you also think north korea is democratic?

    • Calling out liars

      You are making an accusation regarding a local judge you better have proof. The stop work order was because of illegal activity the develpoer is involved with. You may want to get your facts straight. Stop using the hasidic jew bashing line and come up with something truthful. The village would welcome any body who wants to build with the best interest of the village not soemone who wants to steam roll the village buy all the property and kick out the current residents and tell lies about it.

      • ruth ann ogden's ghost

        If you really want me to make an accusation against the judge I would say he is a stooge for the adl, the adl is a front for the mossad and the mossad is using this judge to harass the satmars because satmars refuse to bow down and worship the israeli government


      HAHAHA SSCAMM CLAIMS ON THE NEWS TO LIVE HERE LAST 2 YEARS….PSYCOOOOOOOO Next tell me the one about how voters were intimidated by the FBI presence…oooo sooo scarry keeping justice!! uU PEOPLE THINK LIKE SPINELESS


      OOO tell me again how our wonderful judge is corrupt for upholding justice..u need a shovel to bury them video recorded ballots..we got all ur scam artists numbers and lisence plates..let me tell you

  3. if blacks were moving in instead of hasidic jews the us goyerment would be 100% on the side of the blacks but because tthe newcomers are hasidic jews the corrupt fbi clowns harass the jews

    • Voice of Reason

      You keep making the same claim, that if blacks were moving in, the U.S. government would be……blah blah blah blah blah. The reality is that “blacks” as you call them, are not connected by a single religion–the Hasidim are. You are trying to twist the facts. If their is any illegal activity regarding RELIGION, it is on the part of the Hasidim who vote in a bloc–doing whatever their religious leaders tell them to do AND who claim to be residents of more than one town and register to vote in more than one place–AND then disappear when the election is over. I am also going to guess that many of the “eligible” voters are not really eligible. Further, I would assert that if a government agency tried to locate every one of the “eligible” Hasidic voters, they would find that many of them have registered more than once–not just in different localities, but with different names. Can we check the ages of those voters as well?

      Since we must all agree that there is no law that prevents them from voting IF THEY FOLLOW ALL OF THE RULES FOR REGISTERING IN A NEW TOWN AND THEN DO NOT ILLEGALLY ATTEMPT TO VOTE IN ANOTHER, then we must also all agree that there is no counter law that says that the original townspeople do not have the right to counteract if a shady developer tries to pull the wool over the eyes of a complacent constituency.

      The bottom line is that Lamm has NOT followed the letter of the law and therefore your allegations that the mayor, the town, whoever, has not followed the law are nothing but you trying to deflect the glaringly obvious truth. What LAMM stared was illegal, and everything he tries to do or assert from that point forward is just a cover up, sham and a diversionary tactic to deflect that truth. Lamm lied, bribed, lied again, and again.

      By the way, it is also understood that you state that the FBI are corrupt because they are not affected at all by your powerful voting bloc–they are not subject to your voter support–that does not make them corrupt—it makes them OBJECTIVE and better able to investigate the corruption that certain Hasidim are engaging in –all in the name of —religion? Stop hiding behind the false allegations of religious persecution and face the facts!

      • ruth ann ogden's ghost

        blacks are christians, anti discrimination laws are enforced when the black race is discriminated against but when discrimination occurs on the basis of religion against hasidic jews the fbi scum piles on and helps the yokel bigots I knew the prior owners of the lnd the hasidics are building on, the former owners were anti semites and are turning over in their graves in hades knowing their farm is now going to be a huge hasidic village

  4. Moe Ginsburg

    Election law in New York State allows seasonal and weekend residents to vote even if it is not their primary residence, so long as they’ve resided at least one day in town 30 days prior to election day and they don’t vote anywhere else.

    Based on NYS Election Law the new residents in Bloomingburg are legally qualified voters.

  5. Just drove by exit 115 , Saw a sliver mini van of Hasidim looking at road maps to find where the voting was taking place. What “Resident” needs a road map LOL

    • Moe Ginsburg

      “What “Resident” needs a road map LOL”

      A new resident needs a road map.

      • Wish I lived in the Village

        Not in a small town with 1 stop light and 1 block where stores are located

        Ginsburg, just face reality, no one from Bloomingburg or the surrounding towns want the hasidic in Bloomingburg. There are many many reasons, including their sneakiness, lying, cheating ways as to why no one wants the hasidic in their community. Not to mention how they suck the life out of every community they “take over” and they do not give back to that same community unless it is to themselves. They give Jewish people bad names! And Lamm what a joke, he is the one promoting anti-semitisim.

        • Moe Ginsburg

          Well guess what. You may not want the Jews, but this is America and the Jews don’t need your permission to move into town and vote.

  6. Be accurate

    Your headline is totally misleading, nowhere does it say that Hasidic voters are being prohibited from voting, indeed that would be against the law.

  7. Sir Lancelot

    If I want to make an accusation I would say the monticello judge is a stooge for the adl, the adl is a front for the mossad and the mossad is using the judge to harass the satmars because the satmars refuse to bow down and worship the israeli government. But since I dont work for fbi counterintelligence I wont make that accusation

  8. Sir Lancelot

    will the fbi now start investigating illegal aliens that vote in middletown , goshen, NYC, LA Miami chicago etc? or do the christian fbi scumbags only investigate jews?

    • no…they will just investigate the results in Kiryas Joel and the Town of Monroe for illegal votes as well as the illegal ‘Greenhorns’ from Ukraine/Russia…!

    • OH…I almost forgot…The ‘High Instances Of Human Trafficing’ in Kiryas Joel and W~Burg Brooklyn, should be on the front burner of any investigation! WOW>>>>>>WEE>>>>>> Many ‘illegal slaves’ work in these places that came from Poland/Ukraine/Russia…But you know of this already!

    • +++ATTENTION+++ FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)…Take Note Of My Following TWO (2) postings…! There are ‘BOGEY DOINGS’ going on in these communities!!!

  9. Let’s let the judge figure out who is a “resident” and who is not……the FBI is in the process of an investigation for this and other allegations involving Lamm. If there is no wrong doing then their votes will count just like any other group of American citizens.

  10. SaveBloomingburg

    How are they residents when half of the places they’re claiming residency aren’t even sustainable to live in? Lamm is still in the process of building these apartments they claim they already live in. Most of them in which received a stop work order because what do you know, Lamm never got a permit to do anything, but begun renovating anyways. How can you live there on the weekends when there’s no where to live?

    • I believe in the justice system and at some point it will prevail in this case. I support Girardi so certainly hoping he will be elected! We all know what is going on here so no need to restate it. This is not about religion or ethnicity rather it is about abiding by the justice system and being ethically fair. Building without permits or proper permits and being misled on how those units will be marketed…come on! I drive by these units every day and are we suprised that from time to time they continue working? Residents are fearing the worst and there are for sale signs going up everywhere which is really disheartening to see. This is all part of the strategy! Remaining long time residents of Bloomingburg will eventually be pressured and pushed out. Amazing what money will buy and why should my taxes go up when eventually it will be almost impossible to drive through that part of town.

    • +++F.B.I.+++ Take Notice of Illegal Voter Violations as well as TAX EVASION, as well as Welfare Abuse… The ‘so~called Husbands are collecting Fraudulant Welfare Payments while they Laugh at the Honest TaxPayer…Those Sons Of Bitckes!!!

    • hello…hello…HelloOOO…anybody here? Dang…! ………Where did all of the carpet~
      baggers go…?

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