Report: Christie, Perry To Sit At One Table At Shmuley Boteach/Adelson Event In NY

09.02-Shmuley-BoteachGov. Rick Perry and Gov. Chris Christie, two potential 2016 presidential contenders who aren’t known for being the best of friends, are set to sit at the same table at the second annual Champions of Jewish Values International awards gala hosted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s “This World: Values Network.”

Christie will deliver the keynote address at the event, while the Perry is set to present for Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, who are being recognized for their roles in promoting Jewish values, according to Boteach.

Events that are hosted by Adelson and friends and attended by high profile Republicans has been dubbed by national media as the “Sheldon Adelson primary.”

Boteach emphasized the event is not political. “I want to talk about values, we’re not going to politicize the evening,” he told CNN. “I think there’s something valuable to be said about rivals coming together for something that’s larger than themselves.”

05/15/2014 10:00 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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