MSNBC Host Touré Ascribes Holocaust Survival To ‘The Power of Whiteness’

toureMSNBC host Touré Neblett suggested on Saturday that those who survived the Holocaust were privileged for being white.

Earlier this week, Touré drew some strong reactions on Twitter by urging his followers to read an in-depth piece in The Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates that makes “The Case for Reparations.” In the essay, Coates explains why he once opposed the paying of reparations to African-Americans for slavery, but has “evolved” his thinking.

“@Toure My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work,” one blogger, @hope_and_chains, responded to several tweets by the TV host.

At this point, Touré responded with the following tweet:


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  1. And this idiot still has a show

    • He’s still been having a show after the first 100 stupid comments he’s made.

    • MSNBC is the propaganda wing of the Progressive movement so yes, not only does he have a show but he’s probably in line for a board position.

  2. Rational Girl

    Telling a white person to “Check your Privilege,” is no better than calling a black person the N word: both make assumptions *strictly* on skin color.
    Racism is bad, mmmmmkay?
    And this guy is a freaken moron.

    • It’s certainly becoming that way but remember, they can say whatever they want and nothing happens. The double standard is strong with this society.

  3. How can you dignify this with a answer. Hey toure, I have a question for you, OK, if you are black and your GGGGrandmother was a black slave in New Jersey, and your GGGGgrandfather was a freed black that owned slaves in KY, how would YOUR reparations be calculated?

  4. Touré is obviously a well-educated product of revisionist history. Surely whites weren’t targeted by the Nazis, what with the Nazis being white and all. Obviously it was just the non-whites who were targeted. Silly us…

  5. Grandma tamie

    He needs to be fired period. I will avoid any and all of his works. What an homely ignorant man.

  6. He’s an idiot moron, plain and simple. About half of America is.

  7. I’ve almost come to the point of thinking that it would be worth a trillion dollars, if that would finally –FINALLY– allow America to move past endless discussions of what is “owed” to the black community, and if black America would then admit that whatever happens from then on is their own responsibility, as all the other ethnic groups have.

    But it would never be enough. After all, the first $5-6 trillion hasn’t done it.

  8. This is disgusting. Over 6,000,000 overwhelmingly white Jews were cremated and shot to death. Starved to death. Babies thrown up in the air and shot to death by Nazis. And this…. this vacuous reporter has the audacity to say survival was due to skin color. He should be censured by all media. I am aghast.

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