NY01 – GOP Rival Demos Calls Cantor ‘Liberal,’ Ties Him To Zeldin

New York Republican congressional candidate George Demos on Tuesday night celebrated the loss of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in his primary, and attempted to tie the Virginia shocker to his own race against state Sen. Lee Zeldin.

“Tonight liberal establishment politician Eric Cantor was crushed in his Republican Primary because of his vote to fully fund Obamacare,” Demos declared. “On June 24th, Republicans in New York’s First District will defeat Eric Cantor’s chosen establishment politician Liberal Lee Zeldin, who also voted to fund Obamacare in New York.”

According to astute political observers, Demos is hoping that some of the anti-establishment fervor that led to David Brat’s stunning defeat of Cantor last night can be transplanted to the Suffolk County Congressional district in which Demos is running. Zeldin is supported by the state Republican Committee, as well as the state Conservative Party; at the same time, though, Demos has the backing of such Republican notables as former NYS Gov. George Pataki and ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Demos noted that Cantor is still scheduled to appear at a fundraising event on Saturday for Zeldin. “Perhaps they can discuss their horrendous votes to fund Obamacare,” he mocked.

In response, State Republican spokesman David Laska took aim at the truthfulness of Demos’ message.

“Being called part of the liberal establishment by George Demos is like being called a bully by Andrew Cuomo: the Demos campaign is funded almost exclusively by California Democrats with deep ties to Nancy Pelosi,” Laska stated. “Lee Zeldin has spent the last four years fighting for tax cuts for hard-working Long Islanders while George Demos, the world’s first and only Pelosi Republican, has been unemployed and living off his family money on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.”

06/11/2014 3:19 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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