9 Protesters Arrested In ‘Die-In’ Demonstration Inside NYC’s Friends of IDF Office

FIDF protestNine pro-Palestinian protesters are in NYPD custody after staging a “die-in” demonstration inside the Manhattan offices of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

About a dozen protesters reportedly stormed FIDF’s New York office on Tuesday, reading aloud the names of the  Palestinian civilians killed in Gaza. The protest was organized by Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say NO against Israel’s campaign in the Gaza Strip.

“For past 20 minutes, Jewish New Yorkers have occupied the Friends of the IDF office in Manhattan, reading the names of those killed in #Gaza,” one of the protesters, Alex Kane, tweeted from the office.


Busch and two other protesters left the office when police arrived and ordered them to vacate, according to Donna Nevel, a JVP board member. The remaining nine protesters, including JVP’s executive director, Rebecca Vilkomerson, were arrested.

Carolyn Klaasen, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and  the organizer of the protest, said in a statement, “We are engaging in civil disobedience at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) because the IDF and Israeli government are responsible for the systematic and ongoing brutality against the Palestinian people. In this most recent vicious assault alone, the IDF has caused the deaths of upwards of 550 Palestinians, including more than 100 children, as well as over 3000 injured. Calling the IDF a defense force is absurd; it’s an illegally occupying army.”

07/22/2014 8:07 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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