LIVE BLOG #IsraelunderFire: Photo: Before and After of 15-Story High-riser Leveled In Gaza

17:25: Israeli Air Force jets targeted the 15-story Italian compound in Gaza. The building collapsed moments ago.

before and after
before and after

17:12: Cairo is awaiting an Israeli response on an Egyptian proposal to secure a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, Egyptian sources told Ma’an.The proposal includes opening the Rafah crossing, expanding the fishing area to six miles and opening Gaza’s trade crossings to allow reconstructing the enclave.

The sources added that Egypt presented the ceasefire proposal to Israel on Monday and that Israel promised to respond. Israeli officials showed “initial acceptance,” one source said.


15:35: Two rocket fired from Lebanon landed in the Kiyat Shmona, Galilee. IDF forces fired artillery shells at the source of the launch. [IDF]

13:18: A poll conducted for Channel 2 news shows that Netanyahu’s approval rating has dramatically dropped to 38%, down from an all time high 82% as ground troops entered Gaza last month. As many as 50% of Israelis  were dissatisfied of Netanyahu’s performance over the past few weeks.

This marks a dive of 44 points in just 4 weeks. In last week’s poll, Netanyahu’s approval rating was just above the 50% mark (55%), down from 82% on July 23 and 63% when ground forces left Gaza. The poll was conducted by Shiluv Millward Brown Market Research.

12:54: Rockets fired at central Israel at this moment. One rocket was intercepted over Kiryat Ono.

12:34: Israeli air force senior commander quoted as saying that “Hamas is on the verge of defeat.”

12:12: An Israeli diplomatic source says Eygpt is eager to announce an unconditional cease-fire by tonight, waiting for the approval of Hamas-Doha and Israel. Netanyahu is reportedly consulting with Defense Minister Yaalon and IDF Chief of Staff Gantz about the proposal. [via Walla’s Amir Tibon]

11:15: The president of the United Nations’ top human rights body has appointed a former New York Supreme Court judge to serve as the third member of a commission investigating possible violations of the rules of war in Gaza.

Gabon Ambassador Baudelaire Ndong Ella, who presides over the U.N.’s 47-nation Human Rights Council, said Monday Mary McGowan Davis will join William Schabas and Doudou Diene on the commission created by the council’s July 23 resolution.

Davis, who also was a federal prosecutor and has previous U.N. experience related to Gaza, will take the place of British-Lebanese lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Alamuddin, who is engaged to marry George Clooney, said she could not accept the role shortly after she had been appointed to it. [AP]

11:10: Barrage of around 12 rockets was fired at Gaza border communities in a matter of minutes. Earlier, one rocket was intercepted over Ashdod, but shrapnel fell into a shopping mall. Another rocket landed in an open area. Three rockets landed in open areas in Sdot Negev Regional Council.

7:55: Since the morning, some 80 projectiles and rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, mostly targeting Gaza border towns.

7:51: Egyptian mediators have proposed a new ceasefire in Gaza that would open Gaza’s crossings and allow in aid and reconstruction materials, a senior Palestinian official said on Monday. “We would be willing to accept this, but are waiting for the Israeli response to this proposal,” he said, requesting anonymity because of the sensitivity of the negotiations.

08/25/2014 7:53 AM by JP Newsroom

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