Search For Missing Aharon Sofer Extended To Nearby Jerusalem Neighborhoods, Arab Villages

aharon soferJerusalem Police and rescue missions have intensified the search for missing Aharon Sofer on Thursday, Police spokesperson told JP.

Overnight, special units from Magav (police) and Oketz (IDF) were brought in along with K9 dogs and other animal to search the geographic area of the Jerusalem Forest, but so far without any results.


Based on an assessment reached Thursday afternoon, Merhav Tzion Deputy Commander Motti Levy decided to extend the search in the surrounding neighborhoods of the Jerusalem Forest, such as Ein Kerem, Kiryat Yovel, Beit Zayit, Bayit VeGan and Har Nof in order to locate the missing 23-year-old Yeshiva student or find any of his belongings.

Police volunteers, along with ZAKA and Ichud Hatzalah volunteers are assisting with the search.

Meanwhile, FBI agents visited the home of family Sofer in Lakewood, NJ, on Tuesday, as the family continued to plead for the US government’s intervention in finding their beloved brother Aharon.

SAC Aaron Ford from the Newark Division of the FBI offices, visit the family’s home following a meeting at Mayor Miller’s office. Attending the meeting were also Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, Reb Yisroel Schenkolewski and community leader Rabbi Abe Friedman, who’s working closely with state and federal officials to solve this case.


NJ Governor Chris Christie’s office did not return a request to comment on the incident or indicate whether the governor is in contact with federal and Israel officials regarding the missing of a NJ resident and the fear of his well-being.

As reported yesterday, defense and intelligence officials, who spoke to JP on the condition of anonymity, believe there is a high chance that Sofer was abducted by Hamas or local Arabs on East Jerusalem. According to people with knowledge about the ongoing search, IDF’s intelligence squads are conducting a door-to-door search in nearby Arab villages and are reviewing possible video footage around the forest.

08/28/2014 9:12 AM by Jacob Kornbluh

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