Mike Huckabee Travels to Israel to Express ‘Support and Friendship’

Mike Huckabee at Western Wall in IsraelFor the third time this year, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has left to Israel this past weekend, to “express support and friendship” with America’s “ally and friend.”

Throughout the war that has dwindled down over the past two weeks, Huckabee has been a vocal supporter of Israel on his Saturday night ‘Huckabee’ show on the Fox News Channel.

Prior to his departure, Huckabee wrote on Facebook: “The most threatening attack Israel faces today is not from Hamas. It’s from the weak policies of the United States and our inability to understand the real battle going on in the Middle East generally and Israel specifically.”

The former Republican presidential candidate added that while in Israel he will meet with government officials, accompany some US wounded warriors on a visit to Israeli Defense Forces soldiers wounded in battle with Hamas, and be briefed on the current and future situation in the Jewish State.

Speaking with Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, Huckabee said that he’d lost count how many times he’s been to Israel. “I first went 41 years ago. I was 17,” he recalled.

He told the Post that he sees “an important connection between our countries,” highlighting that Israel protects women’s rights and freedom of press among other things.

Huckabee has repeatedly called on Obama to support Israel and cut off monetary support to the Palestinians if they continue to partner with Hamas. “We’re either for freedom or we’re for terrorism, we need to make up our minds what we’re for,” Huckabee said in July.

Huckabee was last in Israel in June after Hamas kidnapped three Israeli teenagers. He visited the family of Naftali Frenkel, an American citizen, who was one of the kidnapped teens.

Huckabee is also scheduled to co-host a pro-Israel rally with the Concerned Women for America organization on October 5th.

09/02/2014 7:13 PM by Guest Author

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