LIVE BLOG – #Blizzardof2015: De Blasio: You can’t be a Monday morning quarterback on something like the weather

live blog storm jp profile12:11: De Blasio defends response:You can’t be a Monday morning quarterback on something like the weather..”

11:58am: Mayor Bill de Blasio: “This storm was real, and it was as big as projected to be, but it moved Eastward… We obviously missed the worst of this storm, which is a blessing… The bottom line is, we got lucky.. Things turned out a lot better than we feared.”

11:00am: Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service’s office in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, issued early Tuesday morning a heartfelt apology for the blown forecast.


“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public. You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.. be very high impact. But for much of New Jersey, and for the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, this is a big forecast miss.” he tweeted.

9:47: VIDEO: Commuter Chris has a message to Governor Cuomo and mayor de Blasio: “You are listening to the wrong people.” [NY1 – Facebook]

9:23am: In Huntington on Long Island, a 17-year-old boy snow-tubing down a street at 10pm with friends crashed into a light pole and died, Suffolk County police said.

The boy, one of three teens taking turns snow-tubing, apparently lost control of the tube and struck a light pole, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

9:19am: All New York City public schools will be closed Tuesday. Some private schools and yeshivas are expected to open at noon.

 8:23am: Mayor de Blasio to Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day: “We did what was necessary to keep people safe.”

“We thought we were going to get something much in New York City it came out much better than expected,” the mayor said. “Better safe than sorry. We had a consensus from the meteorologists across the board, that this thing was going to be easily 2 feet...2 feet of snow would have paralyzed this city, so we did what was necessary to keep people safe.

“This is a better safe than sorry scenario.”

8:15am: Cuomo on the forecast flop: Weather forecasters do the best they can and we respond to the best information that we have.

8:06am: Cuomo: MTA getting back online starting at 9. By noon MTA service will be on Sunday service. if you don’t need to travel, you really don’t want to travel If it’s not essential we wouldn’t recommend it.

8:02am: Governor Cuomo, MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast, PANYNJ Executive Director Pat Foye and other state officials hold storm briefing in New York City. Watch here LIVE

7:59am: The blizzard warning for New York City was changed to a winter storm warning Tuesday morning.

Parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York have seen more than a foot of snow. Snow amounts in the New York City metro area have ranged from a half foot in Central Park to more than 18 inches on central Long Island near Islip.

7:30am: Mayor de Blasio announced today that New York City has ended the travel ban for all city roads as of 7:30 AM this morning.

7:28am: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo this morning announced that the travel ban in the Hudson Valley (Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster, Westchester counties), Nassau County, and New York City is lifted effective at 7:30 a.m. I-84 as well as the Thruway have been reopened. Drivers should use extreme caution and prepare properly as driving conditions remain poor and other states still may have travel bans in effect.

The travel ban for Suffolk County remains in effect.

Snow accumulation overnight on Long Island was heavy, and the New York City and Hudson Valley regions experienced moderate precipitation. According to the National Weather Service, the region should expect snowfall, wind and low temperatures, with especially heavy snowfall on Eastern Long Island, as today progresses. A blizzard warning remains in effect through midnight for Suffolk County.

11:00pm: Authorities banned travel on city streets and highways in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey except for first responders and essential personnel.

Despite Gov. Cuomo’s announcement that the city’s subway system would be shut overnight. the trains were running empty, since it needs to move as part of keeping the tracks clear, according to a transit insider who spoke to the Brooklyn Paper.

9:30pm: Latest forecast: Snow is forecast with widespread blowing snow for tonight. Heavy snow is expected, with possible thunder. Temperatures are expected in the lower 20s. Wind chill values are anticipated between 5 and 10 MPH. North winds of 29 MPH are forecast, with gusts as high as 43 MPH. New overnight snow accumulation is expected between 10 and 14 inches.

8:00pm: Governor Cuomo directed non-essential State employees in the region impacted by the extreme winter storm and under a State of Emergency to stay home from work on Tuesday. Accordingly, non-essential employees should not report to work and do not have to charge accruals.

7:07pm: Mayor de Blasio: “This is literally the calm before the storm, and it’s about to start in earnest.. If you don’t have what you need, go get it now and get inside and stay inside… Stay off the streets, stay off the sidewalks.”

Says businesses should not force employees to come in tomorrow. “This is not a time for employers to be cheapskates.”

5:35pm: Governo Cuomo announced a travel ban on all state and local roads in thirteen downstate counties effective at 11 p.m. tonight. All MTA and Port Authority public transit systems will also be suspended beginning at 11 pm. until further notice.

The Governor urged commuters and motorists to get home well in advance of the 11 p.m. closures as the storm intensifies throughout the evening and travel conditions worsen.

“This blizzard is forecasted to be one of the worst this region has seen, and we must put safety first and take all necessary precautions,” Governor Cuomo said. “Commuters and drivers need to get home as quickly as possible before the storm completely cripples our transit networks and roads. The State will close all roads and public transportation effective at 11 p.m. and we urge all New Yorkers to prioritize safety and be patient as we wait for this storm to pass.”

4:42pm: More than 5,800 flights in and out of the Northeast were canceled Monday and Tuesday. United Airlines says it won’t fly Tuesday in New York, Boston or Philadelphia. American Airlines will run a “very limited” schedule in the Northeast on Tuesday.

Most major U.S. carriers said they would allow passengers ticketed to, from or through the Northeast on Monday or Tuesday to change their plans without getting hit by a reservation-change fee, typically $200. [AP]

4:25pm: More than 2,000 DSNY salt spreaders & plow trucks have started to cover the five boroughs.

15:50: Car2Go Brooklyn will be suspended from 5PM EST this evening. car2go service will resume within the next few days, but depending on road conditions, service may be curtailed as the week progresses. We will ensure to keep you updated via email communications, social media and the car2go app, the company announced in an email.

15:11: Gov Cuomo says, In NYC, only local subway service will be available after 8 pm. At 11pm tonight, if nothing changes, we will impose a travel ban on all roads on Long Island except for emergency personnel, he added.

15:09: Rhode Island Governor Raimondo announced Monday she is declaring a state of emergency as Rhode Island prepares for the blizzard expected to dump two- to three-feet of feet of snow and bring winds of 60-to 70-miles per hour starting by midnight when roads will shut down.

“The snow is coming. The storm is coming. It’s going to be the most severe storm that we’ve seen in years, maybe decades, and I need you to keep yourself safe and keep your loved ones safe. We have today to prepare, so hunker down,” she said.

14:45: The Village of Spring Valley, by order of Deputy Mayor, Anthony E. Leon, has declared a Snow Emergency: The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until 7:00 p.m.’ on January 27, 2015. In this circumstance, all non-essential vehicles should be removed off the roadways, especially Main Street and Route 45, to allow the Highway Department to clear the roads. If any vehicles are parked on the roads after 7:00 p.m. tonight, they are subject to being towed by the Village of Spring Valley Police Department.

14:20: NYPD on alert to assist with storm: In preparation for the upcoming snow storm, the NYPD has ordered all precinct commanders to survey their commands for hazardous conditions and damage resulting from high winds. Special attention will be given to construction sites and high rise structures. All members on patrol who encounter a homeless individual will ensure the person has shelter.

If the person has no shelter, they will offer the person transportation to the nearest shelter facility. All vehicles will be fueled and ready for deployment. Tours will be monitored to ensure that staffing is available. Mounted officers in vehicles, Highway Units and NYPD Tow trucks will patrol highways around the city for disabled vehicles and motorists needing assistance. Message boards will be activated on marked patrol vehicles alerting motorist of hazardous conditions. Snow chains will be placed on department vehicles to allow for safe movement during the storm. During the storm the public should call 911 for emergencies, all non-emergency calls should be directed to 311 The 911 system will be monitored for incoming calls.

13:35: AG Schneiderman Warns Against Price Gouging During Winter Storm Juno In New York State: “My office will be vigilant in monitoring potential price gouging before, during, and after this potentially historic storm,” said Schneiderman. “I encourage consumers to report any businesses that may be capitalizing on the snowstorm to distort their prices. Emergency weather events are no excuse for dishonest and illegal business practices. ”

13:27: Mayor de Blasio says: “If you need anything, go get it in these next few hours.” Says you can be arrested for driving after 11 pm.

13:20: “No reason to dig out your car until emergency order is lifted,” says de Blasio.

12:53: “This is not going to be like other snowstorms. It is, by all indications, going to be worse. This could be the biggest snowstorm in the history of this city,” says Mayor de Blasio. “Get off the roads. Get off the streets. Get off the sidewalks.”

According to de Blasio, 2,300 vehicles with plowing capabilities will be deployed in storm. All non-emergency vehicles must be off the streets from 11pm.

12:52: Urgent joint message from Hatzolah of Boro Park, Boro Park Shomrim, Chaverim and Misaskim: In anticipation of the upcoming blizzard we have collaborated and prepared the necessary resources to help those in need. Please take note of the following important information:

1- We urge you to not take your car out once the storm hits– you will not be able to park it properly. By the last big storm the plows couldn’t get through and ambulances could not get around because of stuck vehicles, and unfortunately resulted in deaths. We are begging everyone in the strongest possible terms to please think of others before leaving your car blocking the street even slightly. In storms like these it is a matter of life and death. 2- Hatzolah is prepared with extra members equipment and ambulances to handle all emergency calls. 3- For all non emergency but necessary medical needs like Dialysis and Doctors appointments, hospital discharges, stranded motorists etc. please call Chaverim at (718) 431-8181. Or Shomrim at 718-871-6666.

12:46: Manhattan-bound lower level of Manhattan Bridgeclosed until Wednesday morning due to storm.

12:33: Cuomo: “This is not an evening or a night to be out and about… This is nothing to take lightly. This could be a matter of life and death..”

12:19: NY Gov. Cuomo declares state of emergency effective immediately. Says NYC subways will run on regular schedule until 7 or 8 p.m. “The blizzard brings with it very high winds… and that’s what makes this situation dangerous,” he says.

Limited service on the subway system after 7 or 8 p.m. “You should leave work early,” says Cuomo.

12:12: NJ Transit likely to be suspended at 10pm tonight through Tuesday, NJ governor Chris Christie says. Christie declared state of emergency and orders early closing of state offices. “You should only go out in the case of absolute emergency or necessity,” he said.

12:04: President Barack Obama, who is traveling in India, has been briefed on the storm, spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday. White House officials also have been in touch with officials from states “up and down the Eastern seaboard” that are in the storm’s path, Earnest said.

12:03: Via @NYCTSubway: Depending on snow conditions, subway service could be curtailed on a route-by-route basis. Check for updates.

10:45: Airlines cancelled thousands of flights into and out of East Coast airports. JetBlue has already cancelled about a third of its entire schedule. Airlines cancelled 2,194 flights Monday, according to the flight tracking site FlightAware. More than 2,000 additional flights have been scrapped for Tuesday.

10:43: Officials cautioned Northeast residents to not be misled by a relatively smooth Monday morning commute, and pressed their cautions to prepare for a “crippling and potentially historic” storm that could bury communities from northern New Jersey to southern Maine in up to 2 feet of snow starting later in the day. They warned that getting home could be difficult and asked residents to avoid any unnecessary travel.

The National Weather Service said the nor’easter would bring heavy snow, powerful winds and widespread coastal flooding through Tuesday. A blizzard warning was issued for a 250-mile stretch of the Northeast, including New York and Boston. [AP]live blog storm jp

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