Graham Vows to Defeat Radical Islam ‘Running Wild’ in The Middle East


Republican presidential hopeful, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham vowed on Sunday to put radical Islam “back in a box” if elected president in 2016.

Speaking on the ‘Cats Roundtable’ radio program with John Catsimatidis on AM970 in New York, Graham stated that “radical Islam is running wild in the Middle East.”

The Republican Senator slammed President Obama on his handling of radical Islamic terrorism. ” Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing,” he declared. “I have never been more worried about an attack on our homeland than I am right now.”

Graham vowed to destroy radical Islamist groups should he take the oath of office on January 2017.

“If I get to be president, I’m going to focus on putting radical Islam back in a box and nailing it shut,” the Republican presidential hopeful said.

Graham also criticized the Obama administration’s conduct during nuclear talks with Iran.

“These nuclear negotiations with Iran scare the heck out of me,” he told his radio host. “We’d be nuts to give the Iranians more money until they change their behavior.”

“At the end of the day, a nuclear deal with Iran has to be airtight because they lie and cheat,” he added.



07/05/2015 4:19 PM by Jacob Kornbluh

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