Poll: Israeli Jews Mostly Concerned of A Nuclear Iran

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Israelis are mostly concerned of a possible Iranian nuclear attack, a new poll conducted for the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem by the TNS research group showed.

According to the poll, 42 percent of Jewish Israelis are concerned that the State of Israel may be destroyed, and 28% of respondents see an Iranian nuclear attack as the greatest threat.

22.3% said internal discord within the Jewish people is the clearest danger to the state. Another 19.2% said corruption among decision makers and the political class is the greatest threat, while 15% percent said war with one of Israel’s neighboring countries. 11% said an international boycott of the State of Israel is Israel’s greatest threat.

The Iranian nuclear threat is the biggest concern for traditionally religious people, with 36.8% citing it as the clearest danger, while the greatest danger perceived by 27.6% of secular Israeli Jews is corruption among political decision makers.

07/27/2015 3:46 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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